Thursday, September 27, 2012


Isn't this a Beauty?!

Look what a beautiful crown
it has.

It is a little big for the table, but
there was a nice gentleman at the store
helping with the sale of the pumpkins and he took
such joy in finding this BIG one for me,
that I just couldn't say "No" to it.
They were all the same price, so what the heck.

Mister usually buys lots of pumpkins for our yard but this year he is not "in the mood" since Princess has left.
I think we need to push ourselves forward any way we can.  With that thought in mind, this big ol' punkin' reminds me that it's important to see joy, even if it's simply in an inanimate object.  Soooo, for $3.99 I've placed  this big, ol' Beauty here for us to see each day.

This is what "Joy" looks like for me today.
Do you see it?
(Have I mentioned that Green and Orange are
my favorite colors?  Yep.)

What have you seen today that represents "Joy"
for you?


karen said...

Without a doubt, one of the most perfect pumpkins I've ever seen! I agree - sitting around feeling sad doesn't do any good. Better to get up and do something. Anything. Hope everything works itself out.

marejohn said...

$3.99!!! was that a typo! What a buy! and love the top curly q's.
Hang in there-God has you AND Princess in his hand...going forward and not letting it cause you to drown is the BEST thing you can do!

Linda said...

Pumpkins ALWAYS make me smile! Good for you!

Rhona said...

My joy this evening was seeing what lovely friends my daughter has :) She didn't know what she wanted to do for her birthday this year so said she wasn't going to do anything. They had other ideas about that and tonight came and "kidnapped" her for a surprise sleepover to celebrate her birthday. I know they're going to have a blast and she was so surprised to have them arrive at the door :)

Mari said...

Nice pumpkin! Good for you for pushing ahead, even when it's hard.

Nonnie said...

Beautiful pumpkin. I'm with you, (although it has taken me many times of experience to learn that). My joy today and yesterday evening was in the realization ("all of a sudden it hit me") that our house has returned pretty much to normal and it just brought joy to my heart. Praying for all of you daily.

Anonymous said...

its a beauty for sure, its sad when out kids move out but you get over it, always miss them but you learn a new normal.

Liz Mays said...

For $3.99, so worth it!

Shelly said...

Now that is a beauty of a pumpkin, and sure to bring joy each time you look at it. What brought joy to me today was seeing my locker in the locker room after a good workout at the gym!

Jeanie said...

Your favorite colors and only $3.99...I'd say you got a great deal on that pumpkin.
The cooler weather and the fall colors have brought me joy this week.

nancygrayce said...

That is a beautiful pumpkin! You are right to Choose Joy!!!!!

Our joy for today is that we will see our grandson in a little while. We got to their town last night after he was in bed, but today we are so ready!

Kelli said...

Finding your joy in each day...that's the way to do it. You are such a wise lady. :) This post is my joy for today. Thank you. (((hugs)))

Chatty Crone said...

What a great post today - today for me anyway as I am late.) I have been grumping around today because the kids are home and keeping me from my very important work - lol! Now after reading your blog and thinking - I think you helped me find my joy today. Thanks. Going to go put it in my prayer journal.

Anonymous said...

Seeing this blog post from you constitutes joy for me today. One day at a time, my friend..

Miss you.


Teresa said...

I agree. Good spirit to keep on. I've been in a slump for a month also. My crafting mch. broke. The replacement hasn't come in the mail yet. booohoooo! But your choice of pumpkin is super. I need to get one soon. Been waiting for Oct.

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