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Thank you so much for your comments on my previous posts.  I appreciated each one of them.  I did want to be sure that everyone understands that this was NO WAY NO HOW a slam against teachers in general.  I had some fan-tas-tic teachers along the way that taught, encouraged and provided a great example for me in my school days.  I love and appreciate teachers!

Weight Watchers
I've been doing the "plan" for a month now.
The first week I dropped 5 lbs, but not a pound since.
But, today I was able to wear a pair of pants
I had not been able to wear in a very long while.
I really don't understand it, but I'll take it.
Still, I'd sure like to see the scale move a bit.
A bit?  Actually I'd like to see it move a LOT!

One of my BFF's has had face work done.
She looks beyond great.  She looks fabulous!
I am sincerely THRILLED for her.
But now I am noticing everything about my
poor face that has changed through the years.
If I wasn't a needle-phob I'd do it too.
Would you?

Holidays are a bit hard when you live away
from your family, especially if you're used to
being with your family on the holidays.
We missed everyone on the 4th but managed
 to have a an ok day  good day by going to a
movie then 
out to eat.

Two questions 
 If you don't gather with your
family what do you do for the holidays?

If money, surgery, pain and suffering were
not an issue, what one thing would you
change about your face?
(I accept anonymous comments.)


nancygrayce said...

O.K. first let me say.....I have been getting botox for several years and I love it. I do NOT think I look frozen and it relaxed the really bad lines in my forehead. If I could afford it, I would also get a filler in the lines around my mouth, but I've decided I just have to live with that. I think anyone should do what they feel good about.....and their husbands :) I don't tell anyone I know except my sister and my husband that I get it though, not because I'm ashamed.....just because I don't want to hear their opinions. I do believe it's nice to stay natural looking.....i.e. I wouldn't puff my lips because it wouldn't look like me.

As for family gatherings.....with a family as big as mine, we always do family stuff. This 4th was so quiet because Russell and I were both sick. It was sort of strange. Some sweet friends brought us supper which was nice.

As for the weight! It took forever (in my mind) for my scale to move....then I would lose a few lbs and stop there for a while....it is frustrating. I've done weight watchers and it really works. This time, I'm counting calories and find that is working for me. And of course drinking water like crazy!

Handsome's wife said...

#1. We spend it just hanging at home and enjoying the day quietly.

#2. I would get my triple chin/underneatj area removed. I would love to go back to just one chin!!!! I would also have my eye lids done.

Aloha Acres said...

As far as losing weight, I believe that you can't be owned by your scale. If you clothes are suddenly fitting, that means you are losing inches. Be sure to take measurement, because sometimes you are losing w/o the scales indicating you are. Don't give up! It's not a "DIEt", it's a lifestyle change.

And ... NO on the cosmetic surgery. I'm a big baby when it comes to doctors! ;)

NanaDiana said...

When we are not around family for the Holidays we generally spend a quiet day and take a mini-day trip to a special little restaurant.

Hmmm...face work. I guess I would make my 2nd chin disappear!;>) xo Diana

Nonnie said...

If not with family, we usually spend time with other empty nesters or just hang out - depends on the holiday.

I would like to have my eyelids done and the area around my mouth. Right now, I spend most of my time smiling so my face doesn't look sad or droopy!! HAHA!!!

Shelly said...

We are blessed to have never spent a major holiday without family, so I don't really know the answer to that one.

I do have a small scar on my face I'd love to take care of. Maybe some day-

Gracie and Bobbi said...

Good questions! Hey, congratulations on getting into your pants! This is crazy, right? I used to be able to lose 10 pounds in one week back in the m&m dieting days.. of course I was in my 20's then... lol

1) We did the same as you... went to a movie. It was too hot for anything else. We didn't go out to eat though.

2) The sagging everything!!! My droopy eyelids!!! If I did before and after make-up shots people would be like - huh? That's not her. lol. Thank goodness for makeup! but makeup does not do anything for the sagging.

Cheri said...

I am a needle phob too so I completely understand where you are coming from...as for your questions...check out my blog post today and that will tell you what we did. And #2 - it would be a toss up between my eyes/neck and jowls and if they were going to put me under to do one...well they may as well do it all (especially since I don't like NEEDLES) LOL

Cheri said...

Debbie...maybe we should see about a blogging discount on your #2.

Linda said...

We had a quiet day.....LD working on our camper and I did housework. TOTALLY UN holiday like! I actually felt a little under the weather so it was probably best to rest.

IF I could - I would have a tummy tuck and a little help on my face.
BUT I can't so I do yoga, eat healthy (most of the time) and do my best to grow old gracefully.

Jeanie said...

If I was going to have work done it would be on my eyes and my neck. I think about it and then think it is probably better to make an effort to age gracefully (whatever that means). I will probably not have anything done, but I won't ever say never.

Janie Fox said...

We are almost always with family but we go to a show or out to eat or stay in and get a movie almost always. Face work...I would like my neck smoothed but pain seems not good and $ seems indulgent. I could buy wells for people who have no water. $10,000 buys a well and changes lives. That is where I would put my money.

Terra said...

Instead of spending money on face or body work, there are many charities to donate that money to. I'm not interested in having that kind of work done, but possibly one day I might change my mind. Remember, God thinks we are gorgeous; he created us.

karen said...

Yesterday was the last holiday to spend with my son and his wife before they move out of state to Texas in about 3 weeks. So it was a good day, but also a little sad for me. Don't know what we'll do from now on with no one around. I'll have to let you know on that one.
What would I change about my face? An eyelift, and remove the double chin!
Sometimes weight loss is reflected in inches rather than pounds. If you're exercising more, that muscle weighs more than flab, darn it. But if your clothes size is changing you're making progress!

Anonymous said...

our family wasn't together, we had a quiet day at home.
BBq and a movie,
The one thing I would change is my eyes, I want to be able to see, I don't care about my wrinkles, I'm 56 I got a few good years left!!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

My husband and I spent the day relaxing....If we don't have family near us, we go out to eat and also see a movie. Sometimes, it's tough. Losing weight is difficult. We lose and then we gain alittle.

yaya said...

Congrats on the diet and getting into those pants! (wait, that could sound sort of bad girlish) anyway, I had a quiet 4th since every year for the last 23yrs Jack spends this week at Boy Scout Camp. If I could have work done on anything on my bod it would be my eyes..the bags under them anyway! Working in surgery makes me leery of doing anything that involves a scalpel!

Beth J said...

#1 Depends on the holiday...for July 4th, our son came over. We watched fireworks, made & ate homemade ice cream, grilled brats & shrimp & corn on the cob. If would have been fun to swim, but the neighborhood pool was too crowded. If our son had not visited, we would have spent more time with our neighbors that were sitting outside most of the early evening...
#2 No matter what, I would not have ANY elective surgery...no needles for me either!

acorn hollow said...

we are not near family so we have quiet holidays except christmas and enjoy friends.
I would get my eyelids done I look so tired all the time.

Joy Tilton said...

Good for you, 5 pounds is a lot in a month! I notice just few pounds less and everything begins to fit so much better, part of that shifting of fat I guess! Whatever... I'll take whatever! Heck yes I'd have some body work done. This old car needs new seat covers, new paint job and new plugs! Nancygrayce says it's all good and I believe her. Now I just need to find some spare $$$ Our holidays are changing now that the kids are older. We used to always gather on the holiday at my house but work schedules interfere, and some of us live in other states. We plan times when we can get together. Mom used to say, "They are living their lives..."

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

I gather with family on holidays. for the 4th we go to the lake where I have family camping and at night we have low country boil.

Not sure I'd change anything about my face really other than getting rid of all these black heads. I hate em. other than I think i'm fine with my face.

Jill said...

We live far from family as well and usually get together with friends or spend it by ourselves quietly :-)
As for plastic surgery... No way we earn those lines through the story of our lives and I wouldn't change a thing. :-)


Bupu2 said...

I thought of having "some work done" but it wouldn't help. I need a complete rebuild. Congrats on the inches lost--more important than the scale's report.I lost the same 5 pounds the first week and have been stuck there for weeks. I enjoy the gym, though can't say much is changing. Keep up the good work.


I did not take your previous post as a slam against teachers. i know that there are many out there just like that...had a few myself and it made me a better teacher because i do not want another child feeling as I did. I spent the holidays with friends this year...not family and we barbequed and swam...it was great fun. I would have my chin lifted if I had the money and was not a needle phobe myself. I really don't mind how I look but after losing some weight...the chin looks like a turkey. I have a friend who is 10 years older than me who had some work done...and she looks hard to me. Her face is too tight. LOL. Have a great day my friend.

ain't for city gals said...

There is nothing more aging than being over weight..so keep going on that and you will be good to go! Seriously...that is as good as anything...well maybe not Botox..which is what I would like to try but too chicken..

My Mind's Eye said...

I would not elect to have any unnecessary surgery. There are way too many risks associated with being put to sleep. I'm not criticizing anyone for having cosmetic surgery but it is not for me.

All of my family lives in NC. My daughter and hubby live 3 hours from us so we can get to any where we want or need to be. We've never lived away from family but I know it must be hard when most of your family members are in other states.
Hugs C

Jill of All Trades said...

#1 - Luckily I live around my family, in fact to much family so it is hard to decide on where to go.

#2 - I only do the simple stuff for my face, lots of facials. I've had my fair share of hair removal too, OUCH! I won't go so far as anything else though. I may not like the sagging results but I guess I'll just live with it all.

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