Monday, July 9, 2012

Got the "Super Six"?


Easy to Laugh
Strong social relationships

Sounds like a new version of the 6 Dwarfs, 
doncha think?
Someone has done a study and determined
that our personality factors into our life
expectancy.  IMO it seems to all point to
one thing - have a great time
while you're here.

I feel like I have 5 of these 6 qualities.

Care to guess which one I don't have?
How many do you have?


Liz Mays said...

OH my, I'm not nearly as full of those traits as you are...or is that just my non-optimism showing? ;)


I would say I have 5 of the six most all of the time....and 6/6 some of the time. Extroverted is my shaky one. I am comfortable with people I know....don't like to step out of my comfort zone if I don't have to.

Deanna said...

Five out of six for me, too. I'm an introvert, which doesn't mean that I don't like people. An introvert is simply someone who draws energy from being alone whereas an extrovert is energized by being with people. As long as I have sufficient time alone I love hanging out with friends.

Jeanie said...

I do pretty good on most of them most of the time. I like the idea of looking at these things with the goal of having a great time while you are here.

Nonnie said...

I am NOT an extrovert-but I am married to one! Does that count?

I am an optimist who also looks at the realities and sees potential problems, but believe they will work out. So, I'm not sure whether I really am an optimist - my husband sometimes says I see the negative spin.

You have described yourself as shy and also that you worry. So I am flip-flopping on which trait you are missing. You seem to be very well-rounded in these traits.

Linda said...

You are PERFECT - just the way you ARE!!

NanaDiana said...

I am guessing Extroverted....? xo Diana

Nancy said...

I think the one that is weakest for me would be 'strong social relationships'. I enjoy being an introvert sometimes...keep to myself...but then when I am out at my job or in social situations I can be surprisingly extroverted. I just don't have any strong relationships. I tend to have a hard time forming and keeping ties.

Gracie and Bobbi said...

I know I'm not extroverted... and the strong social relationships... so-so.

Which are you not? Extroverted?

Shelly said...

Which are you not? You seem to have all of them-

Unknown said...

You have them all, I only qualify for 5.

Have a beautiful week ~

My Mind's Eye said...

I have 5...now that I'm retired my strong social skills are not as strong. LOL
Hugs C

yaya said...

I try to have many of the 6...but some days leave me short. I think I was more of an extrovert when I was younger..now I like my peace and quiet!

karen said...

I'm guessing you are not an extrovert. I am not extroverted either. My first husband was. It drove me nuts. All of my kids are VERY extroverted, and that's enough A-Type in my life!

marejohn said...

I have to go with Nancy as far as me personally...
But as for you my "sweetie" I think maybe you are not extroverted?? Do tell..

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