Wednesday, June 6, 2012

According to me . . .

June 2 dawned sunny and warm,
the perfect day for a wedding.

The wedding was held at
the historic Santa Fe Depot in Norman, OK.
now known as the Performing Arts Space.
From the outside it sort of looks like
a school, doesn't it?

Me thinking:
"If these spanx begin to unravel
I'll ricochet like a balloon losing air,
bouncing off every wall in this room."
Mister thinking:
"Now that would be
something I'd even pay to see!"

"Wah! Wah!"
Baby girl and Baby boy.

"How can I cut this so that we
both can have a corner piece?"
(Two youngest Granddolls)

The cake was non-traditional
and quite yummy.
Someone said it was a
"Dulce de leche cake".
I'd never heard of this before
but found out it is basically
a caramel cake.
Very moist.
(left to right) my Sister, my nephew,
my BIL, oldest daughter,
youngest granddoll, middle granddoll.

Youngest son made his flight arrangements
the evening before the wedding,
I'd say that's "cutting it a little close",
but it all worked out.
He showed up (from Atlanta) wearing a suit
and brought with him a plethora
of ties of all colors.
The purple one was perfect!
What he lacked in trip planning
he made up for in proper
wedding apparel.

"Stuff it!"
"No. You stuff it!"

"Do you think this is how
they met?"
(this was on the wall of a BBQ
place where we ate while in town)

A private joke.
Let's just leave it that way.

When the wedding had ended
we spent a relaxing night at our
friend's home.  The grands loved
playing around the pool. . .
Feet in the water. . .

Then everyone decided to
get in!

A fun ending to a BIG day!

The colors for the wedding were Purple and Spring green.
I thought that worked out nicely.

The centerpieces were green and purple
hydrangeas, similar to the bride's bouquet.
Is there a woman anywhere
who doesn't LOVE hydrangea's?!!
*loved the confetti and the photo magnets
on the tables too

(sample photo)
The sign in book, actually wasn't a book
at all.  It was a canvas with a tree,
sans leaves.  To sign in we
could choose from a purple or
spring green ink pad - make our thumb
print on a branch of the sketched tree,
then sign our name beneath our "thumb leaf".
They are planning to frame this
as a keepsake and it will be a
photo for their home.

Also there were crafty little birdhouses,
(hand painted by the bride)
placed on the ledge of
many of the windows.
All the women were told to choose
a birdhouse to take with them
as a keepsake.
I hadn't even noticed the birdhouses
so it was a nice surprise.

This is mine.
I chose a large one.
I figured the Mother of the Groom
could have a big one..
Such fun!

Another personal touch -
instead of toasting each other,
the bride and groom toasted
the guests telling how appreciative
they were to have all these special
people in their life
and to thank them for being there.

Big Budget/Small Budget,
it's the personal touches
which mean so much!

Just one more thing . . .
This is my Dad,
who passed 3 years ago.
Look how much Greg looks
like his grandfather (my Dad).

Do you see the resemblence?

The newlyweds are on their
honeymoon to New Orleans.
They will stopping by to visit
with us Thurs and Fri,
on their way home.

They're both vegetarians,
but I think I've got my menus
in place -
"salad and water".

Just teasin'!



Loved the wedding pictures. Your son does look a great deal like your dad. It is amazing. I had to get my DL renewed while I have been so sick and it was scary how much I looked like my mom.

Mari said...

It looks like such a nice wedding! Your son looks so much like your Dad@
I love the sign in idea!

Shelly said...

Loved knowing more about this beautiful wedding! You have such a beautiful family and you can see the love in each picture. The resemblance between your father and your son is uncanny!

Anonymous said...

you brought tears to my eyes you did, he does look like his grampa, toasting the guests is just the sweetest thing, all the unique touches are just amazing, I wonder how many people will now do bird houses and toast the guests, they have really given people a touch of special they can make their day, I loved every photo, and you and hubby look so happy, I love your dress and did you know I didn't know what spanx were I had to google them!! They sure are something, wow! I need those,,thanks so much for sharing, oh the pool was lovely too, I bet everyone enjoyed that!!! sorry for the long comment but I really enjoyed this, OK, I'm finished, ha ha,

Linda said...

How perfectly lovely!!!

I love the person touches they made. The tree is SUCH a great idea!!

Right now that swimming pool is staying in my mind's eye....it is HOT in Texas!! Guess it is there as well!


Rhona said...

More great pictures :) I think Greg and your Dad certainly look alike but I also see a family resemblance with your sister and eldest daughter :).
Love a good wedding and this ones sounds like it was just that! xx

Aloha Acres said...

I loved every bit of this, but when I saw the pic of your son and your dad ... chills! They do look so much alike.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I loved the photo of the bride and groom laughing. What a wonderful day for all of you. there was a bunch of talented worker bees that brought this wedding together with the family tree, the bidhouses and the toast to the guests. All so new, different and memorable.

yaya said...

What a fun day. Everything looked lovely and the cake is one I've heard of but have never tasted. Sounds yummy! I love hydrangeas! The sign in tree is so clever. Where do people get these ideas? I'm so not crafty or imaginative...sigh. But thankfully others are so we can all steal the ideas! Congrats again to all and thanks for sharing the day with us!

My Mind's Eye said...


Greg is a very popular name in my inner circle. Brother in law, 2 cousins,1 son in law, and 2 best friend's husbands!! So many Gregs sometimes we have to use last names. LOL
Hugs Madi and Mom

Jeanie said...

The family joy shines through in all of your phots from and words about the wedding. What a wonderful time and I love all the personal touches.
Your son does look a lot like you dad.

Chatty Crone said...

You would definitely know those two were related! Amazing. It was a beautiful wedding and I love the purple and green - so pretty. And I do know that flavor of cake - and they have it is ice cream and it is wonderful. Your family is terrific. sandie

Teresa said...

That was a beautiful wedding. And your new daughter-in-law is also beautiful. I love red hair being a red head myself. Even if I have to visit someone to help me keep it that way. Shhhh.

The Old Dairy said...

What a happy couple they are...Glad the wedding went well and those spandex stayed up hahahawould have been a good story though...

NanaDiana said...

Congratulations. They look so sweet together and happy. Your son's resemblance to your Dad is uncanny. He looks SOOO much like him.

My youngest daughter had a small, non-traditional wedding, too. It was a wonderful celebration and we really enjoyed getting to talk to everyone. My oldest daughter had a HUGE wedding and it was stressful right up until the last minute.

Hope you have fun with your salad and water- xo Diana

Cheri said...

Looks like a lovely and simple wedding. Our daughter who got married last July also did purple, navy and green with hydrangea...good taste.

Sandra said...

I literally snorted at this "If these spanx begin to unravel
I'll ricochet like a balloon losing air,
bouncing off every wall in this room." Hahahahahah

You sure have a way with words.

And how fun, Norman OK. My husbands family is all around the Lawton area, matter of fact he's going to be in that area this weekend :)

Love all the wedding pictures, such a beautiful ceremony.

Goodness, your son and your dad do look so much alike, it's uncanny :)

karen said...

What a lovely wedding it must have been. I have to say that green and purple are one of my favorite color combinations, and I absolutely loved the thumbprint tree. Too bad our family weddings are all done because these were some great ideas!

momof3girls said...

It was a beautiful wedding! The bride was beautiful and the groom was handsome and love filled both their eyes-a wonderful way to spend a day!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm gunna' be a mother of the groom this July and also bought the one piece "lose a size" slip. How DID you keep it in place? I'm seriously thinking of duct taping the hem to my thighs. I wore it earlier this year and it did make me a size smaller, but I was tugging on it all night and almost lost it a few times.

Beautiful wedding!

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