Thursday, May 3, 2012

Neck Bones and Pig's Feet

Big rush on the local store today -

Bring on the neckbones
and the pig's feet!


Would you/could you eat either one?
I'm not very adventurous
when it comes to food,
or travel, or money, or medical issues,
or vehicles, or . . .
OK, I'm not adventurous. 
Not adventurous at all.

I'm a "beans & cornbread" kind of girl.
Meat is negotiable - I can take it or leave it.

However, when we moved to Louisiana
I did taste fried "gator".
(I almost gag now, thinking about it.)
It just seemed the thing to do
at the time.

What's the most adventurous
thing you've ever eaten?


Chatty Crone said...

That is funny, I am a beans and cornbread gal too - I can take or leave meat too. Not my family though. And no I would not eat pigs feet or anything like that!

Anonymous said...

yuck! I'm with you, leave the feet on the poor pigs!
I'll have some corn bread and beans please,

Sunny Simple Life said...

Uucckkk! I too will not eat odd foods. Yucko!!

Shelly said...

Ummm, tripas, although it's not something I'd want to try now. (intestines).

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hahaha!!! i guess i am the odd one out here! when i make bolognese, i use both of these! pigs feet have gelatine in them and add flavor and thicken dishes. i take them out and toss them at the end. i use neck bones in collards too for flavor.

Aloha Acres said...

Never tried pig feet (and don't intend to); however, we've cooked with (and my husband loves) smoked neckbone.

Now fried gator ... de-lish! :)

Joy Tilton said...

Chicken "paws"... yes, that's chicken feet! We were on a Tyson company trip and they had them for us to try. Asia buys up all the feet the company can produce believe it or not. Some were super crispy and others sauteed in spicy sauce. The crispy were "do-able" but the slimy ones, NO! I grew up in a hunting family so have eaten practically everything! You DON'T want to really know do you?!!!

Nonnie said...

Yuck! Fried rabbit (I was told it was chcken), fried rattlesnake, and calimari (I think that is squid).

I prefer beans and cornbread too, with fried potatoes and onions.

NanaDiana said...

Sitting down? I tried rattlesnake (on a dare) when I was young and living in FL...Tasted like chicken...Hahahaha..Seriously, it was almost tasteless but I did NOT like the texture of it. xo Diana

marejohn said...

Being from the midwest, I'd have to say I'm a potatoes and gravy type gal (and also it can be white gravy, no meat involved..doesn't matter)
I'm with you..I worry I will wish I had been adventurous, but so far I'm not feelin' it...that's ok, I'm happy as I am (and the most adventurous THING I did was get married at 18-must've used up all the adventure I had in me for that one thing!! LOL)

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I'm with you. I could be a vegetarian pretty easily. I watch some of the adventuresome eaters on the Food network and gag. No blood saugage, head cheese or hagis for me thank you.

Delena said...

I have ate bear and it was awful. When I was young my dad tricked us into eating cows brains and it was equally awful!!

Nel said...

Hmmm probably rattlesnake, frogs legs, squirrel, rabbit, bear, moose, deer. I spent a lot of years in the south, they hunt a lot! My step grandpa used to eat squirrel's brains... yuck, yuck, yuck!
until next time... nel

karen said...

I'm not a very adventurous eater either. But when my daughter was in Costa Rica on her honeymoon they went ziplining and on the way to that the guide had them eat some termites, saying they tasted like peanut butter. She said she can't believe she actually did it, and yes, they did taste like peanut butter.
But why would anyone want to eat nasty pig's feet?!?

yaya said...

I don't even like pork chops so I think I'd pass on the pigs feet. I don't even like looking at human feet...have you ever seen where pigs put their feet? Just give me chocolate and call it dinner.

Deanna said...

I'm fairly willing to try new things and because of that, raw oysters are now a favorite. Oh, and crawfish, too! I've also had frog legs, alligator, shark, calamari, and rabbit. I'm mostly vegetarian (at home, anyway) but I do love me some seafood.

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