Friday, March 16, 2012

When reality bites, mashes, and bleeds.

I saw this on Facebook and had to
roll on the floor belly laughing  smile.
It also served to remind me that it's
time for me to make an appointment
for my annual mammogram.

I really don't mind having this done;
just hate to take the time to do it.
But I will.

It's also time for me to go into the
lab and have my blood  sucked  drawn.
That I mind.  I mind a lot.
I'm a terrible needle-phoeb.
And getting older has not lessened
my phobia.
But I will do that too,
on a day I'm feeling particurly brave.
(actually, just posting this photo
makes me a little woozy.  Really.)

Have you had your yearly
medical tests?

You know we gotta keep our
maintenance work up to date, GF's.


Shelly said...

Great reminders, and how hilarious those mammogram ones were. They should put those up in each mammogram center in America.

Cheri said...

I was woozy looking at that needle pic too...we should go and hold each others hand.

NanaDiana said...

Yep- All up to date on my own tests. I don't mind the needles at all...and I suppose working in a hospital made me less afraid of those other tests...although I will say I need to call and schedule a
colonoscopy- Can't wait! xo Diana

Anonymous said...

I also think the man or gram cartoon should go up inall the womens clinics!
I'm not very good with keeping things up,

Jeanie said...

That first cartoon is the funniest thing ever. I am in the process of scheduling a bunch of tests...I have a big milestone birthday coming up this summer and want to get everything checked out now.

karen said...

Good reminder. I'm due for a boob smash.

Mindy said...

I have needlephobia, too. I HATE getting blood drawn. I love it when I only have to go in twice a year. I've had a few very, very bad blood draws and now I am nervous all the time. Plus...it's a reminder that the answer could change my life again...

Jill said...

I totally hate needles too and I got woozy from the pic! LOL

Have a great weekend!


Jill said...

I totally hate needles too and I got woozy from the pic! LOL

Have a great weekend!


Marsha Young said...

Whoa..... those cartoons are too real!

Funny reminders - thanks !

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sweetie...
Already been there, done that. I am a little ahead of you, so get going.

Love, LOVE that cartoon. Men have no idea do they? I remember wondering when growing up, what it meant when I heard grown ups say, "It's like having your T*T in a ringer." Boy did I learn that one quickly hu?

Thanks for sharing sweetie. You are precious. Have a gorgeous St. Patty's Day. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

nancygrayce said...

Oh I laughed so hard at the one of the guy! Like they would EVER let someone do that! :)

Yes, it seems like all I do is go in for tests....so tiring but I guess it's a sign of the aging process!

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