Saturday, March 24, 2012

Was this a blunder?

I am naturally curious.
I wonder about a lot of things.

Why do "One a Day Vitamins" recommend
you take two each day?

Why do dishwasher manufacturers advise
users to "overfill" the soap dispenser?
Why not just make it the right size
to begin with?

When a nurse/tech (whomever) draws
blood from one's arm is it more
difficult to find the veins in a black
person's arm?

When I had my blood drawn last week
it was by a friendly, dark-skinned
black woman.  And I must add
that she was ooooooh-so-good
at finding my deep-set, teenie,
tiny vein. (Thank you God!)
She also obliged my nervous
chatter as I confessed my reluctance
to having my blood "sucked".
I asked her about the difficulty
of drawing blood from a black person.
She explained that she was trained to
draw blood by "feeling" the vein,
rather than by sight.  She chuckled
at my question but didn't seem offended.

When I got home and relayed my newly
gained knowledge to Princess & Mister
they were both "taken back" a bit
that I had asked that question.
I thought about it before asking
and couldn't think of any reason
the question would seem rude.

What do you think?
Would you have asked the question?
Do you feel it was too personal
and/or sounded rudely racial?

I really want to know
what you think.


Shelly said...

I am naturally curious like you, and if the thought had occured to me, since it wasn't rooted in malice or racism, but merely in curiosity, I would have asked!

Anonymous said...

thats a really good question, I'm not sure I would have had the courage to ask, I am a chicken @#$% when it comes to things like this.But I'm glad there are people like you have the courage to ask.I can't see it upsetting anyone of anycolor but I guess you never know some might take it the wrong way.

Jeanie said...

First of all, I never knew One A Day vitamins recommended that you take two a day. Hmmm?
I would have probably asked the question about the blood draw if it had popped into my head.

Journey said...

I too am curious about many things. I don't think the question is rude at all. in fact, I have made the same comment when someone does an excellent job. I consider it to be complimentary when you commend them. And I too have been told about the "feel" method! Just know it is so much less painful when they do it right!

Delena said...

I would not have asked. I would just have kept that in mind-curious....

Rick Watson said...

I would never characterize that question as racist and I'm sure the person you asked didn't either.

Unknown said...

I really believe that you asked a sincerely curious question. But, its in the way it was asked that brings out whether it was offensive or not. J's dad could ask that same question and because he is normally gruff and hard nosed, his question would easily be considered offensive even if it wasn't intended to be. I know that you were asking the same way I would if I were curious. As you know me, I would rather anyone ask me a question instead of assuming. Don't worry. If she didn't seem offended, I'm sure she wasn't.

Chatty Crone said...

I know what you mean - I am full of questions - but I sure don't know how to ask them sometimes. sandie

yaya said...

I think in this day and age where everything has to be analyzed to make sure it's PC we forget that natural curiosity is OK and finding out about other cultures or ethnic differences is not only OK, but when asked politely with a sincere desire of "curious minds want to know" attitude it's a good thing.


I am curious and have asked questions like that myself. You did not ask it offensively....you asked it with great curiousity. It is when you don't know that stereotypes happen.

Rhona said...

I probably wouldn't have asked the question but only because I've never thought about it before :) x

Melanie said...

Never knew that One A Day vitamins reccommended that you take 2! LOL!! Obviously not taking them.
Trying to decide if I would have asked that question, I am accused of saying things that I shouldn't, so sometimes I am quiet for that reason. But sometimes, what comes up comes out, not with the intention of offending anyone though!

Joy Tilton said...

My Dad, rest his soul, went through his whole life asking questions and he ended up one of the smartest people I ever met. So... maybe it's a good thing you're the curious type!

Gracie and Bobbi said...

My hubby is a lot like that, very curious and doesn't hesitate to ask questions. You're fine!! It was an honest, legitimate question.

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