Monday, March 12, 2012

Bridge to Nowhere

I have several new FOLLOWERS.
Thank you so much for signing on!
Sometimes I feel like the
"bridge to nowhere", but I'm glad you're
with me so I don't have to travel there alone!

And to those of you who come here regularly,
you know how much I enjoy doing life
in Blogland with you!!

We managed to dodge heavy rains
most of the way to and from Oklahoma
this weekend.  It was a great time of
celebration for our oldest daughter, Amy.
I am so proud and so thankful for her.
Besides being a wonderful daughter
she is a great friend to me and to
others.  She is also a beautiful,
Godly woman all rolled up
in a lovely package and topped with
a mane of strawberry, red hair.

We also got to spend time with our
oldest son, Grey, and his fiance, Antoinette.
They are excitedly looking forward
to their June 2 wedding date.
So am I!

If you care to "follow" me even closer
you can read more details
here on FB.
If we're not already friends there
just send me a friend request and I will add you.

Off we go now,
into a brand new week!!


Anonymous said...

so exciting! I love following along here and on facebook.

Jeanie said...

Good to hear that your trip went well. Isn't it nice to have daughters who are also friends.

NanaDiana said...

I am glad you had a safe, not too stressful trip! I can't follow on FB because we can't join because of my dil's federal job..but I will hang on here waiting for some pictures of the upcoming event~! Your daughter sounds like a sweet, wonderful young woman- xo Diana

Kelli said...

We are both blessed with great kids, aren't we? :) I'm glad you got to spend some time with yours this weekend and that you had safe travels.

Hope this Monday is good to you!

Mary said...

Glad y'all managed to dodge the storms!
I'm looking forward to the day when the boys are "all grown up". Will it ever happen??? :)

My Mind's Eye said...

Oh what fun things you have going on in your family!! Glad your trip to/from OK was O.K.!!

Hugs Madi and Mom

Tracy said...

So glad you had such a great trip...aren't we all at one time or another on the Bridge to Nowhere? I'd like to be a follower...

yaya said...

I don't do facebook, but I do enjoy your blog! I'm glad you had a fun time visiting and the weather cooperated. Have a great week!

nancygrayce said...

O.K. I clicked on add friend ln fb.....Do your kids not want you to put their pics up?

You are not a bridge to nowhere! You go everywhere! :))

karen said...

Wow - you have some exciting events coming up! Nothing like a good summer wedding!

Gracie and Bobbi said...

So glad you had a good trip! I hate driving in rain, I also dislike being a passenger while driving through rain. Glad you were able to dodge the raindrops mostly!

Liz Mays said...

Spending the weekend with your kids is just about the most perfect thing you can do! I'm happy for you!

Marsha Young said...

Sounds like a really enjoyable visit - glad you traveled safely.

Blessings to you - Marsha

Jill of All Trades said...

Glad to be here! Sounds like a great weekend...oh and a wedding!

Chatty Crone said...

A safe trip and avoided the storms - your daughter is sweet like you! sandie

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I think we are both lucky to have our adult children become someone we want to have a friendship with too. That is our treasure.

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