Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ketchup Time.

Nope.  Not this kind of Ketchup. . .

This kind of "Catch-up".
(and since we're online we all
soooooo look like this!)

Many of you left comments about the
Butterfinger pie.  I've posted the un-recipe below.
It is more of a "method" than a recipe,
and the only thing you need to remember
is to work quickly once you begin
and not to over-fill the crust.

Butterfinger Ice Cream Pie

Oreo Cookie Pie Crust (store-bought)
1 qt.  vanilla ice cream, softened
3.5 oz Butterfinger candy, crushed

I put the candy in the Food Processor
and pulse it a couple of times, but
you could simply put it in a Baggie
and pound with a hammer - just go easy,
as you still want some small chunks to remain.

Mix the candy with the softened ice cream.
Scoop this into the chocolate Oreo crust.
QUICKLY put it into the freezer to set.

Lick the bowl, the spoon,
and your fingers - you know you
want to!!

*Serve, drizzled with Hot Fudge topping.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Boudxy was glad to see us when we picked
him up at the Vet's.  He is feeling good.
We are to take him to the Vet's tomorrow
to get his stitches removed.
(I've never had a dog who had stitches
to be removed after being neutered.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The bad part about going to someone else's
house for Thanksgiving is not having any

The good part about going to someone else's
house for Thanksgiving is not having any

Know what I mean?

* * * * * * * * * * *

Now that all the family birthdays have been
properly celebrated, I'm rollin' towards
Christmas.  Granted, I'm rolling slowly,
but I'll get there.  You gals' that have
December family birthdays to prepare
for are remarkable.  I don't know how
you do birthdays and Christmas all
"smooshed" together.


Chatty Crone said...

Good Morning and happy December!

I agree - no left overs good and no left overs bad.

Now I know that pie is the same way - pie good (yum) and pie bad (calories).

Love, sandie

Sush said...

Well I settle the leftover situation by sending the leftovers home with relatives. My Momma always did that and we appreciated it the day after when the turkey sandwich longings set in!
Our December birthdays were celebrated at Thanksgiving this year...a big AMEN to that.
That butterfinger pie sounds like BIG trouble!

Jill said...

Yummy on that pie!! Tis the season,lol. I have never heard of stitches after a dog is neitered either?? I have 3 male dogs that were done, interesting indeed? wonder why that is? Hope you have a wonderful day!


Joyce said...

I added this to my dessert page on pinterest so you might get some visitors from over there : )

Janie Fox said...

We have 23 birthdays, a daughter, a son in law and a granddaughter all at Christmas time. It is fun though. I just gotta get shopping! Glad I h ave no left overs. I don't need that near me. And the pie looks dangerous too!!

My Mind's Eye said...

Madi would like to thank you for your kind comment yesterday...even Divas need to hear pretty things.

Glad everyone ehad a good b-day at your house and mostly we expect Boudxy is that it is today!!
Hugs Madi and Mom

karen said...

I liked this post - so newsy and chatty. And I TOTALLY look like that picture - don't you? Especially after that Butterfinger Pie.

Mary said...

Thanks for posting the "method" for the pie!
When the girls were spayed, I don't remember them going to get stitches out, but then again, it's been about 7 years ago, so maybe they did. I've slept since then.

NanaDiana said...

Poor pup! Stitches in his britches region? (if dogs wore pants, that is)

That pie sounds like a good low-cal dessert....the kind I like to make for my family. That way...as they get larger I appear smaller.

We had LOTS of leftovers- I should have invited you over~ xo Diana

yaya said...

That pie sound so good! I'm going to be trying all kinds of new recipes with all my blog friends posting such fun ones! Our dog had stitches but I removed them myself..I work in surgery and have had some experience taking out stitches..well, actually I've had more with putting them in than taking them out. Anyway, he lived! I just threw out the last of the leftovers..garbage day is tomorrow!

Unknown said...

When my Sam got neutered, he had the meltaway stitches. I hope it's perfectly painless for Bouxdy.

Unknown said...

When my Sam got neutered, he had the meltaway stitches. I hope it's perfectly painless for Bouxdy.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I have our anniversary, 2 Jan. daughter's Birthdays and a February daughter -- then I saw your follower Janie with all of hers. Wow!

Daughter #1 has been the one to have Thanksgiving for her sisters since we moved away and she always makes extra so they can take home leftovers. I do love turkey sandwiches the next day.

Anonymous said...

What a great recipe! I'm going to pass it along to my sister, who cooks. She will love it! And since we're on-line and look like those pretty young things in the picture, I'm the one on the far right end, the one with the great cleavage, Ha!

We had a lot of leftovers after Thanksgiving. Tootie got the last of the turkey. She can hardly breathe she eats it so fast! Now we can start planning Christmas dinner.

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