Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jumping in!

Here I go - jumpin' in with both feet!
"Ready or not, here I come!!"
Yesterday an acquaintance posted this on her FB page:

"(dad) just brought the big boys (ages 5 & 7, I think) to the shooting range for the first time so that they can learn to shoot their new guns. I am glad that they get to make fun memories together but it makes this Mama a little nervous."

To which I replied:  "????? ewwww!"

This was quickly followed by a post from another
acquaintance:  "My boys have been shooting guns since they were very young. I am VERY thankful their dad invested many hours into their lives teaching them safety with guns, how to shoot and handle a gun properly. It would make me more nervous if he had not. Not only did they learn about guns & how to shoot, they learned life lessons with their dad and spent many hours bonding as father & son. I am excited for your guys, and for you as mom. These times are priceless! I promise it's more than shooting guns. When your boys are grown they will tell you "all" they learned during those times with their dad. When the time is right & you can, you should join them ;)"

There were other posts to follow which ALL "sided' with this train of thought".

I felt a bit attacked and posted:
 "I'm thinking there are lots of ways for fathers and sons to bond. We have 2 grown sons and when they were kids they spent lots of "father and son" time on the soccer field, at the ball park, in scouting, working around the house, bicycling, playing tennis, school projects, etc. None of this included guns, except for shooting cans with a BB gun. Just some other things to consider. I have a very personal story of heartbreak involving guns so admittedly I could be biased. But, just saying "there are options" that provide rich opportunities for children and their parents to make lasting memories and learn "life lessons". Certainly there is nothing wrong with going to a shooting range with a parent - no criticism intended. But if it makes you uncomfortable . . ."

*Now I'll leave it be.*

I live in Louisiana and this is a very common sport here.
I understand the 2nd ammendment and the right to bear arms.
I understand hunting for things you will eat.
I understand shooting at gun ranges.
I understand teaching/learning the proper
way to handle a gun.

But what I don't understand is shooting
simply to kill.  Why kill a living, breathing, being
just because you can?
I understand war and the atrocities
that go along with protecting
and keeping us free.
My Dad served in WWII
and when he came home from the war
he never wanted a gun in our house.
While there is certainly the right to bear arms
there is also the right to NOT bear arms.

post photos on FB which show their 8 yr old
child proudly holding up a dead animal
they have shot.
Nope.  I don't get that
and never will.
(random photo I found)
Geez.  I'm spent.
This really gets to me.
* * * * * * * * * * *
I have a right to my opinion.
You have a right to your opinion.
What do you think?
I promise we can differ in our thoughts
and still be great bloggy friends.


The Old Dairy said...

Thank goodness the only shooting we have here is to kill the wild pigs when they get in and distroy crops...Shooting not my thing I'm with you all the way on this one...

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas..Thanks for always leaving comments and making my day.

Mary said...

I had a student who was in 5th grade. He showed me pictures of squirrels that he had shot. I told him that you should only kill animals to eat them and asked if he ate them, to which he said yes. Now, that's "EWWWW"!!
I took marksmanship in college, and I do believe that know the right way to handle a gun is important, but I could NEVER kill an animal. I suppose if it was a life or death situation, I could, but I couldn't do it just for sport.

Anonymous said...

I think it s a wonderful thing that we are all different, I myself would be a vegetarian if I had to kill my own meat,,
Guns frighten me, and I think children should be sixteen before they are allowed to handle guns, the age in Canada is 15, thats too young I think.

yaya said...

We have 4 boys/now men...they never went hunting with their Dad..all the other alternative bonding you mentioned were how they connected...I work in surgery and have seen many gun accidents as well as "on purpose" shootings when I worked in Chicago...I don't like guns but support the right to bear arms...I couldn't shoot a living thing (except maybe a skunk)..We live in an area that has many hunters who kill for the meat to feed their families. It's a touchy situation and everyone has to decide for themselves what to do but I don't think 8yr. olds should be toting guns...I do think facebook is almost as harmful as guns..that's why I quit posting on it...I'll stick to blogging! You are very much entitled to your opinion and I'm glad I live in a country that gives us that freedom! Have a great week!

Jeanie said...

I am pretty firmly on the page with you!

Jo said...

Right there with you. I could never shoot anything with a heart.

NanaDiana said...

We are not a family of hunters...although if it is for survival it is a different thing, I suppose. As for shooting for sport I say shoot a basketball into a hoop. It is just not my idea of bonding -to go shoot something- xo Diana

Aloha Acres said...

To each his own, I guess; however, I'm with you! I have two boys that are very close to their daddy. Neither have ever been hunting a day in their life.

Mindy said...

My husband and I grew up in hunting families and have raised our sons to be sustenance hunters. Many years, especially when things were tight financially, venison was our primary source of protein. We also ate grouse, quail, pheasant, duck, elk, goose, turkey and moose.

However, we taught gun safety at home and our sons take a hunter's safety course.

I think all families should teach gun safety, even if they don't own guns. Therefore, we didn't buy toy guns because we didn't want our kids to have the idea that guns are play items. We don't allow video games or violent R-rated movies where people are killed, because guns aren't for killing people.

Our family history aside, I agree completely on the point that killing for sport is not acceptable. That's NOT the reason the Lord gave man dominion over animals in Genesis. Read Proverbs 12:27!

Thanks for providing an open and warm forum on your blog where we can agree or disagree with grace. It's been encouraging to see varied opinions about this topic, but having the ability to share honestly without condemnation. I appreciated the chance to hear other people's stories and why they believe the way they do.

Thank you!

Linda said...

I totally agree. My dad taught 2 of my brothers how to handle a shotgun, but they were 16 at the time; the legal age for a gun permit. My other 3 brothers had no interest and that was ok with my dad. We lived on venison and duck when I was a kid - had to. But I can remember to this day my father's teachings on gun safety. He was adament about it!
Yes, little boys DO NOT need guns. There is so much more they need to grow as civil, caring, compassionate, socially active human beings. And if that's the only way dad can bond with them, there's something missing, I feel. All I can say is "wow". And here's praying another 6 yr old doesn't get shot and killed by his 8 yr old friend. The human brain does not have the capacity for truly understanding the concept of "right or wrong" or consequences of actions until a person reaches 20 yrs. of age. And sadly, accidents happen. Hunting for sport??? I thought that's what cameras were invented for! We are indeed a sad society.

Handsome's wife said...

I hear you loud and clear. It does not offend me when people differ from my opinion but I have offended many when I have differed from theirs. Go figure? I applaud you for speaking your mind. I think sometimes we sensor ourselves because we are worried about offending. Good for you.

Anne said...

I hate shooting too. We dont have many (legal) guns over here but I really hate bloodsports and dont understand why anyone would want to take small children shooting.Accidents happen.

My Mind's Eye said...

I'm 100% in agreement with you.
Madi's Mom

Dawn @ Words Of Deliciousness said...

I agree with you. I did grow up in a family where my brothers used guns for hunting and they still hunt now, but they do eat what they kill. I married a man that never hunted and to this day does not own a gun. For me that makes me happy not having a gun in the house.

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you. I have a hard time understanding killing just to kill. I know that there are tons of ways for dads and sons to bond and this might be "their" way. I do think that if guns are in the house, when the time is right, the kids should be taught about gun safety and all of that.

karen said...

My husband grew up hunting with his dad, although he dislikes it now. In fairness, whatever they shot, they ate (quail, mostly) so I don't so much have a quarrel with that. But for myself? I just don't enjoy the meat enough to kill it. I don't really see the sport or the fun at all.

Robin said...

I hate confrontation of any kind, so on hot topics, I just don't post at all! LOL

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