Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"I'm innocent I tell ya, I'm innocent!"

He was handsome.
He was polite.
He didn't care that I had no idea
my car tag had expired
six months ago.

Here it is in black and white.

(and NO, I didn't get a reminder postcard
in the mail telling me it was time to renew.)

After being ticketed
I immediately drove to get a drink
to calm my nerves.

Princess seemed to think the entire
situation was a bit on the funny side.

We'll see just how funny it seems
when SHE is rockin' these next winter

INSTEAD of these!

Mama's gotta buy that new car tag
along with that $118 ticket, ya know!

But, the truth is I very seldom ever
get a ticket, but when I do,
I usually get 3 tickets,
closely spaced together.

But I am a whole lot  little paranoid.


Kelli said...

Oh no! Sorry 'bout the ticket. :( But at least he was handsome and polite. That beats ugly and cranky, I suppose. Even if he's writing you a ticket anyway. ;)
I'm sure Princess will just LOVE those stripey toe socks and flip flops! LOL!

My Mind's Eye said...

Oh do we feel your pain and shame. Of all the 100s of thousands of cars in our city one of our city's finest ticketed us a few years back for having an expired yearly sticker on our license plate. We did not get a reminder either and quite frankly how many people look at those stickers once they are applied to the plate?
We hope the Princess enjoys wearing her Pippy Longstocking socks and flip flops. MOL
Madi and Mom

bj said...

Omy gosh....sorry...but if ya gotta get stopped, it helps if he's cute!!
xo bj

Aloha Acres said...

:o) So sorry about the ticket. Would it be bad to ask if you'd buy me a pair of those Uggs, too? LOL

Kimmy said...

Oh no!! :o( So sorry!! Once my mom got 7 tickets in a weeks time. I'm surprised she didn't get her license suspended for that...lol! Hers was for...well, a lead foot!! LOL

Jane said...

I am soooo ROFLMBO!!!

Marsha Young said...

Ouch! Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. And you are right, those tickets do seem to come in groups rather than singles.

Hope this one is the exception. Funny pictures!!! Thanks for the smiles. ...Marsha

Susan said...

How embarraskin'. I remember my mom got stopped by the state lawbird one day and he asked her if she understood the state inspection laws. She got all Southern Lady on him and explained that "yes, she did and her inspection sticker didn't run out until...(cricket sounds here)". Her sticker was a month overdue. I can so relate to your young one's attitude. Ahhh, it's a cruel world.

Sush said...

I hear ya and feel your pain...but you were hilarious in your telling of the very sad tale!
I'm with you on Princess's winter attire...who WOULD get the last laugh then?

PS I'm the kind of friend if you get brought to jail I'd be right there with you...just let me know! Party in the HOUSE!!!

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

Nothing like having your daughter as a witness too. Terry once got a ticket for that in the same month as his birthday. July 9 is his birthday and it was before the end of the month that he got a ticket. We never knew why they run the plate to begin with.

Princess will look darling in her toe socks.

Mari said...

Oh no! He should have seen what a fine, upstanding citizen you are and let you go with a warning!
The cost of that ticket would make me cry too.

nancygrayce said...

I once had TWO highway patrolmen stop me and I boo hoo cried, but they still gave me a ticket for $136.....of course I was speeding just a bit.....75 in a 55. So I was in a hurry!

I'm sorry for your ticket though!!!

yaya said...

Ooops! Was that the real cop in that pic? If it was I'm surprised he let you take it. My niece is a cop in Chicago and when we got pulled over for coasting through a stop sign we did a little name dropping "Oh, my niece is a police officer here, and used the out of state license plate "I didn't know where I was going because I'm from the country and not used to the city, please take pity on us" card. Totally worked. I didn't mention I grew up there. Technically I was telling the truth.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh I am sorry you got that expensive ticket - I think or hope Princess will love those socks!

Relyn Lawson said...

Bummer!! Your princess is one gorgeous girl, I tell you!!

Jill said...

Oh no! That's a bummer about the ticket!

I think the striped socks would be the perfect addition to any wardrobe! LOL :-)

Cute pictures!!


Unknown said...

I'm scared now! My plates expired in June and I'm no longer living in California...I pray every time I pass a police officer.

The socks and flip flops are sorta cute!

Gracie and Bobbi said...

LOL! I'm sorry.. but it's the way you put this post together that made me laugh.. I love the response from Princess.. It looks like something one of my kids would have done. Ok. I have my fingers crossed and Gracie is crossing her paws. No. More. Tickets. For. You!! Don't these cops have anything better to do than to go around picking on nice mothers who are just trying to make a good life for their family? I'll never forget a cop pulling off the road and asking me for my ID as I sat pulled off the road waiting on the school bus one day. The three kids in the back seat should have been an indication... but he had to check. He said I looked suspicious. LOL. Have a beautiful day in spite of that stupid ticket..

Jill of All Trades said...

Oh gosh, I haven't had a ticket since I was barely 16 years old and live in mortal fear of getting one. Egads. So sorry.

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