Monday, August 22, 2011

Do You Remember?

Do you remember these trendy
aluminum drinking glasses
from the late 1950's?

* * * * *
Somewhere I have a set of these
that my Mom gave to me.
The colors are pretty,
but I don't like to drink
from them.

I had these. 
They were very good tupperward products,
IMO.  I used the pitcher for years.

Remember this?

My Mom cashed in her Green Stamps to get
us this Cap Hair Dryer.
My friends loved to come to our
house to use it.

I think it was one of the first electrical|
apparatus's's's's available to help
women get their hair dryed quickly,
rather than having to wear curlers all day
and wait for them to air-dry.

Mister talks about the Fuller Brush Manwho came by selling items door to door,
and while I don't remember him,

I do remember the door-to-door
Encyclopedia salesman.

Do you remember some new-fangled
things that were 'new" when you were
a child or a young woman?

Do Tell.


Mari said...

The Tupperware! I had those pieces too and got lots of use from them! My mom had a hair dryer like the one you showed. Oh the memories!

Claudia Fabiana said...

What about the "fitness" machine that you stepped on like a tall scale, and had some sort of thick sash you wrapped around your middle and when you turned on the machine, it vibrated and jiggled your fat? My aunt had one. Not sure what it's called. I love those hairdryers, though.

Hope you get to pop over and visit me at my blog sometime soon...


Cheri said...

Oh the list I could give...LOL
Makes me laugh when I go in to "antique" stores and my younger friends are amazed at the things in there when they are things from my childhood, either at our house or my grandmas.

And that "jiggly" thing Fabiana mentioned, my mom had one and my butt would itch after I used it. LOL Not sure what it was called either.

My Mind's Eye said...

How about the fake white Christmas trees? They came with a revolving light with colored shades. The light was placed at the bottom of the tree as it revolved the tree changed colors. It was the thing in the early 60's. I don't have a picture becasue I'm not sure they had cameras in the Dark Ages. LOL
Hugs and thanks for the memories.

nancygrayce said...

I had the tupperware and we had the glasses with the lip turned out. My grandmother used to put watermelon juice in them, freeze it and put a crocheted cozie on it and we loved it!

SouthLakesMom said...

Do you still have all those things or are those google images? Wow -- I just about laughed out loud when I realized what the hair dryer was. I remember many tortured (what seemed like) hours under that thing and still, no curl. sigh.

I love the colors of the aluminum cups, but like you, I don't like to drink from them. Gives me shivers.

Jo said...

Still have some of the tupperware! My grandmother had one of those jiggly machines. Sure was fun to play with. The hair dryer was my favorite.

Brenda Pruitt said...

I remember those glasses. And how cold they would feel once they touched your lips.

Ellie said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Hubby laughed when he saw your comment.
I love retro items. I remember that style of hairdryer - so cool. Lol.
My gran used to have coloured glass tumblers - I loved them. I wish I got to keep them but I didn't. Remember the tupperware parties? Oh those were the days.

Jeanie said...

I remember and have used all those things. I don't hear much about Tupperware these days except for seeing it at a kiosk at the mall. My mom used to get lots of things with Green Stamps.....my job was sticking them in those little books.

Chatty Crone said...

LOL - I remember each and everything you pictured here!

Brings good memories!

Anonymous said...

I do remember all of those things. We never had Tupperware, though, because Mother thought it stained too easily. We never had those glasses because Mother didn't trust aluminum. I think I remember she did order one thing from the Fuller Brush man, probably just to get him to leave. If you still have all of those things, you are one lucky lady because vintage is sooo in right now! Probably because a kazillion Baby Boomers are coming of age. Do you remember your first set of electric rollers? Do you remember ironing your hair?

Jill said...

I remember the cups my grandmother had them! But not the rest. My mom didn't use much tupperware. I always enjoy seeing things from the past. I enjoy finding old plates etc. and I'm on the hunt for a full antique tea set! Now that's hard to come by!


yaya said...

I have that exact tupperware bowl in the pic..I had those glasses too when we first got married..they belonged to my hubby's Mom..we tossed them after they lost the finish and tasted funny!

Susan said...

Had all of the things mentioned. Remember the mini Tupperware items that you could get as a "door prize" at those Tupperware parties? I also had a Polaroid Swinger black and white camera that took little pictures about the size of an ATC. Still have them all, they haven't even faded. Oh, and I used to roll my hair on brush rollers and sleep under the bonnet dryer all night. It's a wonder we survived the 60's at all.

karen said...

That hair dryer brought back some memories! My grandma had those aluminum glasses - they always felt wierd on your mouth.

Sush said...

Well memory lane it is! Yes my Mom was big big big on stamps green and gold! We had everything you pictured and like you I didn't like the metal glasses. They made everything taste metallic. I burned out my 'hair dryer' freshman year in college. It was my attempt at a white noise machine back when.

How about 'spoolies'...anyone remember winding their hair on those pink rubbery things and snapping them shut..oh and pop beads...remember those?


Marsha Young said...

What about steam irons. We used to have a bottle with a cork with holes in it that you "sprinkled" the ironing with, in order to have some "steam".

So we thought steam irons, when they came out, were better than sliced bread. :)
Fun post ! ...Marsha

Unknown said...

I was too poor for a hair dryer like that--I just sat in front of the free standing heater. ;-) I still have (and use) one of those orange pitchers, but the lid is long gone. I never could work the thing anyway!

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I think a friend's Mom had those glasses. I know I've seen them. My hair dryer was one of those hard plastic deals that snapped shut and cound sit in a table and them put a chair in front of it. I raised my daughters on the Tupperware Sippy cups that leaked when they tipped. Those things needed improvement.

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