Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's none of my business but I have to ask. . .

Your answers to this weekly
random question always
amaze and amuse me.
Thanks for participating!

Once again -
"It's none of my business
but I have to ask . . ."

disclaimer:  I have 2 sons and 2 daughters
so I have no bias on this issue.

Recently I went into a public women's restroom.
Inside was a mom with her son,
(he was at least 5'1").
They each went into separate stalls and politely
took care of "business",
came out, washed their hands,
and left.
There were women in the restroom
as well as young girls.

Here's the question(s):

At what age does a male child become too
old to be brought into the women's
restroom with his Mom?

What does a Mom do if she feels
uncomfortable allowing her son to go
into a public men's restroom?


Sush said...

Weeeeellll, I do have four sons and one girl. I also know of kids who were taunted and fussed at for playing on a baseball league that they were of legal age but way tall and strong for their age. Genetics, ya know? One scenario, right?

Plus I have a dear friend who had a son have a very bad experience in a men's room and did not let him go back alone into one until he was a big beefy strong teenager. Another scenario...

We're all grown-ups or grown-ups keeping a good eye out for the child we are accompanying in the rest room... and if he was well mannered and no lewd behavior was exhibited, I say, 'What the Dif'?

Unknown said...

Good question. My son is 30 and I honestly can't remember what we did. ;-) Now I have grandsons and we run in this situation all the time. The oldest is 7 and he goes into the mens while we wait outside. The 4-year-old usually goes into the womens with us, but occasionally insists on going in the boys. We let him but keep a sharp eye on the door.

I think I would be uncomfortable with a child as old as the one you described being in the ladies room. At least he was with his mother though.

Guess I'm officially on the fence.

Joyce said...

Our gym just put up a sign on the locker room doors saying children over 5 and their parents should use the family changing room. I personally think boys over the age of around 7 don't need to be standing around a women's rest room. I guess if I had a boy I'd stand super close to the men's room door and send him in alone.

nancygrayce said...

I can't remember! But my husband and I recently went into a family restroom together and I can tell you we are an old married couple and that was weird! I would certainly not do that with my 5'1" son. Two potties, one room?

It's a tough question and I'm not the expert.

SouthLakesMom said...

Very tough call. I've been in this situation, but by the time my son was this tall (at about age 10) he would NOT go in the ladies' room with me. I stood outside the mens room with a timer and eyeballed every many that came out before my son did and grilled him afterwards.

My husband hated it when my daughter was little and he had to take her into the men's room because they have urinals -- no privacy. He made it a game that he would carry her, and cover her eyes until they were in the stall.

Sheesh. Perhaps the young man had some mental impairment issues that the mom was dealing with.

Anonymous said...

Very good question and I have no answer/opinion on this one! (Surprise!) I just don't know! But, I tend to take the side of the child on this one, I guess. A child's safety is numero uno, always. Okay, so I did have an opinion. No surprise there, LOL

My Mind's Eye said...

Now that is a good question!!
I have one grown daughter (39). We always went to the bathrooms together until she was about 10 or 12. If I wasn't with her, I watched the door very carefully until she came out in a timely fashion. I remember when she started high school she said she would not go into the school restrooms unless she had at least one other girl with her.
Our local mall has men and women restrooms and several Family restrooms. I'm amazed at how often I see young girls (under 10) come into restrooms alone.
I expcet the young man you encountered might have been slightly embarassed at being in a ladies' restroom. But you do what you have to do.
Hugs Madi and Mom

Chatty Crone said...

My half sister is a forensic psychologist and PhD. You should hear what she hears. I am not sure about what the exact age would be - but GS is ten and we still bring him into the bathroom. I hate to be negative. There are predators in the bathrooms waiting sometimes. My philosophy is that I take each bathroom separately and think about it.

Unknown said...

is the picture at the top you.. I love it.. thanks for visiting me.. today at wasbi mommy .. you made me feel better.. I am following you now.

Gloria Richards said...

The way things are today it's so hard to say. Children get snatch from their own front yards. It's amazing how many sick, sick people there are. I was very tall for my age growing up, so people expected me to be older than I was. This could have been this young mans problem, Whom knows what the reason, but to say the mother should have sent him in the mens room and watch the door is fine, but remember, she had to use the loo too.Hard to really say without knowing all the particulars.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I have adult daughters so the boy bathroom thing was new to me. Now I have 2 grandsons that are 9 and 10. Once they were 6 and 7 we would take them to the men's and wait outside the door. They usually went in together so that was a good buddy system too. Even now, I would be still be close to that door.

yaya said...

Having had 4 boys I remember taking them into the bathroom with me when they were little, but about 8 they felt too old to do that. I always told them to not talk to anyone and scream as loud as they could if anyone tried anything funny and I always stood outside the door. I have a friend who has twin boys..when they were little (around 2) she would always make sure they had on overalls and when she went to the bathroom she would hook them by their straps to the back of the door until she was done...they didn't run all over the ladies room or crawl on the floor that way and she could watch them at the same time...funny!

Unknown said...

He seems a bit old to be in the ladies room but maybe he had special needs that required him to be there instead of on his own??

Gracie and Bobbi said...

I guess it all depends..

Davis Family Ü said...

This is a great question. My son is 10 and 5'2...soooo I usually send him into the mens and stand RIGHT next to the door. I told him if anyone looks at him strange or says anything inappropriate to scream and I will run in..it's hard because he looks older than he is and honestly...there are some strange people out there.. so you have to be careful! But my 4 year old comes in with me :)

Anonymous said...

thats a good question,, I don't remember what i did with my son except usually my husband was with me and he took him but I know my daughter is very nervous letting our grandson who is 11 go into a mens washroom alone.She doesn't mind Walmarts because of the opening,, but she is very picky about where he goes,

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