Friday, July 22, 2011

It's "Good News" Friday!

I look forward to reading
your "Good News" each week.
I hope you read the comments
and share in the joy of others.
It will "Bless your heart, Honey!".
(said in my best Southern drawl)

OK.  Let us have it!
Throw down some
"Good News"
in the comment section.

Take a minute to think back
over your week and
share something
good with us!


Sush said...

Oh I hope I'm tops on the list...This Just In: I'm going to be a Grandmother AGAIN! Grandbaby number four is on the way! I think it should rate right up at the top of the good news list?

So yes we can say it...Bless Her Heart!


Anonymous said...

The good news is, since I've put my house up for sale, it's never been cleaner. Now I know what it would look like if I had a maid.

Sweet Tea said...

My good news is that I have been afforded a somewhat lazy, relaxing week. Ahhhh, so sweet.
Princess has had a great week at camp,
which makes my heart full.

Jane said...

Good news this week: My son, Jeff, is coming home on leave September 20-26! Can't wait to see my boy!

Cheri said...

Good news...hubby bought me a very sleek expensive looking (but not) car. Hated to give up my wonderful loyal dependable SUV but she was getting up there.

Anonymous said...

My good news is that I'm going to a professional baseball game this weekend and we're sitting in box seats [work related event]. This means that I'll be able to see and enjoy the game. For free.

[I'm not sure how I found you, but I'm glad that I did. I love the idea of talking about good news. Rather refreshing.]

Kelli said...

My good news is...MY GIRL IS HOME FROM BAND CAMP! :) It's been a long week around here without her and I worried about her because of the extreme heat. But, like your daughter, she had a good time and that makes a mom smile. :)

My Mind's Eye said...

My good news is: our a/c is purring along and managing to keep the house tolerable.
It is about 102 here breaking a 59 year old record...I was only 3 then so I don't remember. LOL

Jo said...

My good news I felt like going back to work this week part time. Small steps at this point.

Jo said...

Oh I have more good news. Talk about taking small steps I must have blinked. I am going to be a great grandmother. Don't blink!

Anonymous said...

I have the BEST news,, I had mailed out four letters to japan trying to locate the japanese exchange student taht stayed with us,, its been 17 years,, lost contact the last 7 years,, she wrote back!!One of my letters found her,, I'm so happy.She actually stayed with us three times,, she came back two summers to saty with us again,, we loved her so much,, we moved she moved we lost addresses,, now I've found her I'll not lose her again,, she's married and a mom!!

Skoots1moM said...

thankfully...no polyps, fissures or bad-enough-for-surgery hemorrhoids found during my 3-year colonoscopy! ;) it put a smile on my face

NanaDiana said...

Good News is I don't have to work this weekend...xo Diana

Jill of All Trades said...

Good news is that my Daddy's hip surgery went well and he's in such good shape Medicare has turned him down for the rehab part, he would have gone straight home but since this is a tricky sort of thing he's in skilled nursing and I don't have to worry about him. It is a good thing! Stay cool.

Rhona said...

We had excellent news this week - the pancreatic cancer they thought my Dad had turned out to be a large gall stone which has now been removed!

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