Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It don't come easy, baby.

This Banana Bread in the kitchen
keeps calling to me.
"Come! What's one more pound?"

Wearing a bra on a hot day.
And IF one were to wear a padded bra,
I bet it would be really hot.

A dental visit scores a "0"
on the Fun Scale.
(I think this guy looks like Matt Lauer.)

I will not scratch.
I will not scratch.
Darn mosquitos!

I want to like this.
I think I will like this.
But I can't seem to really "get it".(It's sort of like watching people
get ready for a party you're not invited to.)

Lots to do today.
Which of these things do you think
are on my "Gett'er Done List"?


Unknown said...

I'm thinking the banana bread should be tops on your list! Just brush your teeth before the dentist.

nancygrayce said...

Eat the banana bread and go to the dentist? I do not like going to the dentist! That's why I go so regularly so I don't have to go for the bad stuff! :)

My Mind's Eye said...

LOL bras should be banned in hot weather. After my friend retired she quit wearing one on a daily basis. I cannot bring my self to do that Y E T~!~

Kimmy said...

Definitely the dentist?! No fun, for sure :o/

Yes, mosquitos love me but I just scratch and scratch until I have done irritated it..lol!

Good luck with a busy day ahead!

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

The banana bread would be calling me too. I remember the days of going braless when the rule was: Don't go braless if you can carry a pencil under there. Pencil, heck... how about my cell phone?

Sush said...

Oh I can relate to the banana bread predicament. All the girls in the beach house have taken it as their obligation to be baking and cooking too many treats. One nice thing about being here at the beach right now...braless is the way to go while in a swimsuit amen brother ben!


Kelli said...

I think you spent some time today, braless, sitting in a dentist's chair scratching your mosquito bites, all while dreaming of banana bread.

Close 'nuff??? ;)

Marsha Young said...

Banana bread just HAS to top the list.

Everything else can wait! :)

Unknown said...

That looks delicious! I say, eat the banana bread!!


I love banana bread....I do not love the dentist. I chose eat the banana bread!

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