Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gonna miss you, GF!

It doesn't matter how old we are
it always hurts when a friend
leaves, whatever the
reason may be.

So it is for me.
I am soon to "lose" a very good
friend...Oh, there is always the
hope that there will be a way to
"keep in touch", but we all know
"long-distance friending" is a difficult thing
to pull off.

I wonder how my days will unfold
without the pleasure of her company.
I see her e-v-e-r-y  d-a-y.
That is gonna change.

My husband does not understand.
He says I am making too much of this.
Sometimes men simply don't
"get it".  And I tell him so.

It's very hard to replace a friendship
that has lasted 10 years.   *sniff

Meredith Vieira Is Leaving
Today Show –
It's Official
I'm really gonna miss you, Girlfriend!


Mary said...

Oh, I was feeling so sorry for you!

Kelli said...

You had me almost in tears for you! And I will confess that I'm not all torn up over her leaving because I ADORE Ann Curry! :) I was so hoping she'd be Meredith's replacement and then heard the other day that she WILL be!

I bet you and Ann will get along famously. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she's been a fixture on The Today Show and I really like her on-air personality. But Ann is still there, thank goodness, or we'd all be having "the faints" in our bed jackets and curlers!

Unknown said...

I was feeling sorry for you, too, till I got to the end. Think I'm going to have to side with your husband on this one. She's never been a favorite of mine--but then neither is the Today Show. Guess you're really torn up about Oprah then, huh?

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