Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Lowe's

What I wanted.

What I got.

Last summer was a beast in NW Louisiana.
We lost ALL (well, almost all)
of our landscaping shrubs
due to intense heat.

Today husband and I went here.

We could not agree.

Angel, that I am . . .

I deferred to my Guy,
with the agreement that
"He would landscape this year,
but if anything dies I get to
choose what I want next year".

Wonder what the neighbors will think
of this years landscaping?


Kimmy said...

Oh boy...that first picture is beautiful!! My hubby lets me puick whatever flowers/landscape idea I want. I said tropical...I got it!!! I figured we got camping up in the mountains all the time, the scenery he likes best and since I love the tropics but don't get to go there as often, I figured...put it in our yard! Woo Hoo!! lol

BTW...I love Lowes! That's where we always go!

Unknown said...

I love Lowe's, too! Would rather go there than the mall! I could wander through the plants for hours. I keep thinking I should go to Home Depot though and hope to run into that Yard Crasher guy!

Unknown said...

You are both so cute! I loved how you settled your differences. Hope that next year's landscaping meets your desires. In the meantime, I'll be praying that a bra isn't a part of the landscape scene.

xinex said...

Oh I love that first photo. I hope you can copy it....Christine

Joyce said...

I haven't really let myself do much planning yet...between the deer, rabbits, and the snow we are a good ways from putting anything in the ground.

On that last picture...I say go for it...it's a conversation piece for sure!

Mary said...

Love to go to Lowes in the spring! You'll have to post pictures of the final product!

NanaDiana said...

Great post- Now I am wondering how many plants I could get in MY own bra! Probably something close to your first picture!;>) xxoo Diana


LOL...you are so funny.

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