Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Soooo embarrassing!

One of the young pregnant Mom's
at our church posted some very
beautiful photos of her bare
baby bump on Facebook.

I made a comment on her
FB page -
"Awwww.  So Sweet!"

Imagine my horror when I later saw
that someone had  rudely posted
the following on this young woman's FB page:
"Asses.  So sweet!" 

And that someone was
The auto-correct had changed
the letters around.
I apologized and did the best I could
to correct the error.

Did I mention I'm the leader of
Women's Ministry
at the church we both attend?


Me (aka Danielle) said...

Oh no! That darn auto correct! It's gotten me a time or two!

Abi's Blog said...

Enjoyed your blog and had to laugh out loud at this - I'm always so afraid to post on FB because I'm always afraid it might come out wrong.
:) Your blog was a blessing to me!

Rick Watson said...

That is funny. You've convinced me to post my column on Typos.

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