Sunday, March 20, 2011

"L" is really for "List"

Call my Mother

Weed & Mulch Garden

Get back on track with  Diet

Walk at least a mile each day

Breathe life into my church responsibilities

Give my Blog a Facelift

Make an Eye Dr. appointment

Call the insurance company

Make my Boob Job consultation appointment

Invite friends for Saturday night (?)

(I was teasin'
about the Boob Job)


Unknown said...

First, love the new header and background!

Second, my list:
call the accountant--taxes, boo!
walk 2 miles at least 3x this week
get caught up on invoicing
maybe clean the house
play on facebook!

Have a good week!

Joyce said...

I'd love to get out to the gym but we are mid snow storm and my hubs called after he got to work and said stay home-it's slick!!

taxes are on my list-ugh!
cleaning is also on my list

Good luck with yours!

Parsley said...

What a list! I'm going to focus on getting some school things in order this week and hope to clear off my desk. That's chore enough....trust me! whew!


Love the new look. I plan to get my taxes done. wish me luck.

Mary said...

List? I don't need no stinkin' list!

Janet, said...

You sure do have a list. I need to try and lose around 10 lbs, yard work outside needs done(but need the weather to cooperate to do that),and I need to walk each day (again the weather needs to cooperate to do that). I seem to have a lot of excuses, don't I.

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