Sunday, November 28, 2010

Turkey Talk


It was a traditional Thanksgiving.
We are a traditional family.
We do things the traditional way. 

Adult place setting.

Children's Table.

My oldest daughter, Amy, (Land of Fluff)
sets a beautiful table.
"Eat your heart out Martha Stewart!"

Now that I'm home I've been thinking about
our weekend and Thanksgiving.
To an outsider looking in it would
probably look perfect.
It wasn't.
Sometimes some of us got a bit cranky.
Sometimes we weren't as considerate
as we should have been.
Sometimes things didn't rise to our
Sometimes things didn't go as planned.
That's the "real" part, the part that
doesn't show up in a photo.
We are a family of "real" folks who
celebrate the fact that we are bound
together by the bonds of love that
are far stronger than our flaws.
That's something to celebrate!

The exception to this, of course,
was our Granddolls -
which we all know

Sweet, Kaylee, the "Mother Teresa" of our family.
This girl's heart is pure gold.

Funny Paige, who is always on the computer
and misses having her picture taken.
(I swear she'll own Microsoft someday.)

And Feisty Grace, who entertains
and makes sure there is never a dull moment.

How was your Thanksgiving?
I'd love to know.


Parsley said...

I love 'real' people! :-)

Our Thanksgiving was full of furry guests but it was a nice day.

Mary said...

I dream of the perfect holiday...but it never is, is it? :D

NanaDiana said...

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving...combined with two family birthdays. My blog today is about the birthday aspect of Thanksgiving if you want to pop in and read it. Sounds like your family is as "real" as ours! Hugs- Diana

Jewel said...

I love reading about and knowing that there are other "real" people out there, too, ST! Thank you from my heart :-)
We had a quiet and blessed Thanksgiving here at home and with our son, his family and in-laws.
Your tables looked beautiful! And I love reading about your granddolls and seeing their pictures, even funny Paige's. :-)
Loved reading this post!

Susan said...

What beauties! Happy Thanksgiving.

Unknown said...

I also love 'rea;' people...and your grand dolls are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Unknown said...

We had a wonderful, chaotic Thanksgiving--as usual! Best of all was having the grandchildren here!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Love the pics of the grands -- well two of them anyway! Families are full of storms and rainbows! And you saw my "real" mess after our celebration!


Loved the pictures...always do...it makes my bloggy buddies real....loved your tables too...you did good!

Gracie and Bobbi said...

Real people are the best people. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you!!

momof3girls said...

I think holidays are much like a monday evening spent with the family. It is time spent with unperfect people. But unperfect people who love you are better than no people at all!

Anonymous said...

Ah! ich endlich das gefunden was ich gesucht habe. Manchmal dauert es so viel Mühe, um auch kleine nützliche Information zu finden.

Anonymous said...

Have a DYNAMITE day my friend!.

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