Sunday, October 31, 2010

Homeschool. This is how we roll.

When people hear that we "Homeschool" they usually have lots of questions.
I get that.  We had lots of questions before we began, too.
Heck, we STILL have lots of questions, as this is our first year to do this.
Princess is a 15 yr old Sophomore who LOVES being homeschooled.

This is how a typical M-F day goes at our house.

Princess begins class no later than 9:00 am.
Uniform code is usually pajamas.

This is our School Hutch.
This is where all the supplies, ie
books, assignments, microscope, pens/pencils
are stored. 
I write her assignments out (at least a month)
in advance.  Each day she looks into her Folder and
finds her assignments.

When she has finished her work (usually around 1:00)
she is to clear the study area
placing all books & such back into
the school hutch.  Finished work is placed under
the paper weight and left at the end of the table.
At some point in the evening I grade her work
and discuss it if necessary.

Princess is only taking 5 subjects this year,
as we are just "learning" how to do this.
(Biology, Algebra 2, Spanish 2, Us History,
English 2)  Next year she will take
7 classes since we are short one class this year.
Her school day will be longer then.

That's it for us.
Is this what you expected from a "homeschooled" day?
Got Questions?  Opinions?

If you homeschool I would love to know what a typical
day is for you and yours.


Parsley said...

We are pretty relaxed in our homeschooling. Usually there is a pile of dogs and blankets on top of my school girl. 5 subjects...the rest are just life experience.

Proud of you both!

Jewel said...

Your day sounds much like ours was, ST.
We loved homeschooling and I'm so thankful for a child who took to it. He was very organized himself, which helped me tremendously.
Oh, and pj's were the outfit of choice for him on most days, too, though he usually made it outside eventually and, of course, that required different clothes.
I am so thankful for the memories we made through homeschooling! And I'm so glad to hear that it is going so well for you, ST. ((HUGS))

Mimi said...

It sound like a fun way to learn.


Unknown said...

This sounds so very familiar! When my daughters were older, I loosened up with doing devotions together and all of that. I mainly planned out the lessons in advanced (usually a month too) and then they knew what to do and when it was expected to be completed. I would grade and return their papers to them where they were expected to hold on to them according to subject for recordkeeping.

I'm so glad Princess is doing so well with homeschooling. (By the way, why get all dressed up when you can be comfy as you study?)

Robin said...

I am so glad the she loves being homeschooling! Fantastic news!

Kimmy said...

That is awesome! More and more I'm hearing kids being homeschooled. It's scary times out there and personally, I will be putting my daughter into a private Christian school once she leaves elementary school. I just feel there is too much negativity today in public schools. Good for you and your princess!!!

Unknown said...

Looks like it's working for everyone. I'm so glad. Homeschooling is not something I could have done--the kids and I all benefited from them being gone 8 hrs of the day!

Mary said...

I'm glad it's working out, too. I hope Princess is happy!
No words of wisdom here...you're much braver than I!

I Wonder Wye said...

My nephew and niece were homeschooled until they were in their teens -- mom decided she wanted to go to nursing school and the kids wanted to go to a high school. They transitioned very well. As for the nose stud? My stepdaughter insisted on a tongue stud at age 17 and hated it so much she removed it hours later...now the kids (all Excy's kids from a former marriage) are into tattoos.


Sounds just like the homeschooling my friends do....although one momma uses cooking as home econonomics....everything else seems very normal to me. K

momof3girls said...

Glad that Homeschooling is working out for girls!

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