Saturday, May 22, 2010

"little something"

"It was the best of times
it was the worst of times. . ."

Today I was thinking. . .
( REALLY, I was)
Sometimes it is the smallest of things
that make us happy.

No one in my family likes Orange Sherbert
except for me.
I have my own container
that I microwave till the top is
soft & creamy,
just the way I like it.
*This makes me happy.*

I also have my own jar of peanut butter.
This is my fav.o.rite.
(Husband has his Crunchy;
Princess has her Creamy.)
I prefer the reduced Fat type.
Because it's totally mine I can
stick my finger into the jar
and get a big blob of  PB
sans a utensil.
I can also "double dip"!
*This makes me happy.*

What "little something"makes you happy?


Robin said...

LOL....Thanks for making me smile today!!


Robin :o)

Kelli said...

My 'little happies' come in different forms at different times. One of them...I love love LOVE those square cinnamon suckers...when I was a kid they were called Square Shooters...but can almost never find them anymore. On occasion a local store gets them in stock and I go buy a dozen or so and stash them in a secret hidey hole. ;) When I need a pick-me-up, it only takes one. :)

Unknown said...

My own container of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey. I can dip into it and eat a few spoonfuls and save the rest for another day.

How cool that you all have your very own jars of peanut butter!


I LOVE orange sherbet too....and was never allowed to have it much...we were poor when the kids were small...and it was selfish for me to have something only I ate. I love the peanut butter thing too...I keep a jar in my desk....with a spoon near by. Loved the post. I made me happy!

Nancy's Notes said...

Sitting alone outside and having a cup of green tea!

Have a great day!


Joyce said...

twizzlers...my girls even put a big bag in with my Mother's Day gift and I might have liked that best of all...it means they notice the little things that make me happy : )

Susan said...

I love flavored coffee. I have my own little 4-cup pot that I use and I get to try any kind that I want. That a little bit of happy for me.

Unknown said...

Diet Mt Dew--I drink it straight from the 2 liter bottle! Mine, all mine!!

Mary said...

Unfortunately, my boys will eat anything! Maybe after they move out I'll finally have my own "Little something"!

Beth J said...

I have a favorite plaid chair with a comfortable matching ottoman, which looks similar to Kramer's father's chair from the sitcom. It is the height of luxury to be able to sit in it and look outside, doing absolutely nothing for about 10 minutes. It's that respite that every mom needs. It's my favorite little something.

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