Thursday, May 13, 2010


Look closely.
Do you see the SNAKE?

I hate spiders, wasps, and mice,
but I don't scream and go crazy
if I see one.
Can't say the same about this snake I saw slithering across our patio.
Still, I had to get a photo before my
shaking in his Flip Flops brave husband took a shovel to him.

I faced my fear
and with camera in hand
I took this photo for YOU.
Then I screamed and did a little dance
as I ran back into the house.


In my hurry I hit my knee
on the patio bench.


A Blogger's gotta do
what a Blogger's gotta do.


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness..that will send me running into the house for sure. I HATE snakes. I can't even bear to be close to them at the petstore. What a brave hubby you have!

Kimmy said...

LMAO! Funny...the other day while I left my house to go pick up my daughter from school, I was driving in my neighborhood, I had to stop quick because there was a snake slithering in the street. I quickly grabbed my cell phone to snap a pic. Not a good one but nonetheless, I got it and when zoomed in, you can actually see it...lol! Yeah, not a snake fan.

Skoots1moM said...

oooooo, he's big, really BIG!
and i can't stand it when they have their heads up like that...
congrats for making it outta there!

Mary said...

OMG! My husband fussed at me one time for running over a black snake. I don't care what kind they are...they're just not right.

Gladys said...

I hate snakes! At our old house we were in a western diamondback migration route. They would slither through our yard and patio every year to get to some boulders where they would sun their cold blooded selves. Well I don't miss that!

I hope you peed a little too that way I won't feel so alone!

Kelli said...

Snakes=FEAR! Don't like 'em, can't make me! I once had a 4' black snake (and yes, I've always been told a black snake won't hurt me...but heart attacks hurt, right???) come out from under a shrub and across my path as I was mowing the yard. EGAD!!! I ran into the house and let the mowing wait until the Hubster returned from work. Didn't matter that I was on a RIDING mower. There was a snake present!

Robin said...

THANK YOU for being such a brave blogger to show us! I would be running for the hills!


Robin :o)

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