Friday, April 9, 2010

A simple observation . . .

Have you ever noticed when women
have surgery the details are ANNOUNCED
among friends, from church pulpits,
in club minutes, among neighbors
and anyone else who will listen...

But when men
have surgery the details are always
vague, whispered in private
and with much discretion.

We gals have hysterectomies,
bladder lifts, tubes tied, breast
biopsies, etc. etc.  all "out there"
for the public record.

Men, on the other hand,
simply have "Surgery".
No details.
Just "Surgery".

My son-in-law had a vasectomy
last week.  We have referred to
it as his  "snip snip" as we
whispered about it among
the family.

I'm just sayin. . .


Parsley said...

I've heard of men being 'neutered' but yes you are right, many are hush hush.

They aren't used to having yearly exams, babies, and all the other stuff that get women used to being 'out there' with their private medical things.

Unknown said...

Yeah, why IS that that men just keep their "surgery" a casual subject?

Although, when you mention it..they tend to wince a bit and want to also change the subject.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I have my first surgery, I will broadcast all the gory facts here on this very page in nearly pornographic detail.

You're welcome. ;)

Me (aka Danielle) said...

It's true! I think it had a lot to due with the fact that all our dignity goes out the window with all our regular "girlie" exams. There's just nothing left to keep secret anymore.

Kelli said...

And why do so many men think it would be easier for the woman to have the tubes tied instead of going ahead and having the vasectomy? Tubes tied=real SURGERY and recovery time
Vasectomy=a bag of frozen peas and a couple of hours in the La-Z-Boy

Drives me bonkers.

nancygrayce said...

That is so true! And my husband wonders why I feel the need to share every detail of mine! :) I hope your sil will forgive you!!! :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So true and God forbid they talk about THOSE parts!


Amen! Women are very open with stuff like that...men on the other hand...no so much. Loved the blog and the pictures.

Tardevil said...

Good observation. Wonder why that is? :O)

momof3girls said...

so true!! On that same note: I am pro cosmetic surgery but it is such a female thing!!!!! I have never heard of an "old man ball lift", or "breast reduction"on a man, or a "beer gut" tuck!!!

sanjeet said...

I will broadcast all the gory facts here on this very page in nearly pornographic detail.
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