Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I got the FEVER!

Geez Louise, I've got a case of
Spring Fever.
For me the symptoms include:

1. A manic NEED to plan a vacation.

2. The urge to pull weeds (this hardly bears mentioning as it passes quickly.)

3. A severe disdain for my white-glow-in-the-dark legs.

4. A larger than life LOVE for Lowes garden center.

5. An intense prayer life which mainly consists of
"Please God. Let me fit into last summer's clothes!"

6. A hunt through Walgreens for the perfect "pink" summer shade of lipstick & nail polish.

7. AND MY FAVORITE PART OF SPRING:new and assorted
*Flip Flops!!*
So, are you feelin' the on-set of Spring Fever?

What are your symptoms?

Inquiring minds (and nosey people) want to know.


KBeau said...

I can go for all of those but the flip flops. I just don't like the feel of those thingies between my toes. Sandals, yes! Flip flops, no! The only thing I don't like about spring is the pollen.

Gladys said...

ST, I live in SoCal so it's always flip flop weather. I know it's spring because my eyes are watering, my nose is running and my ears are itching.

Unknown said...

Like Gladys, I live in Southern California so it's usually pretty warm but spring for me is playing in the dirt time! I get the fever for planting and picking flowers and being outdoors.

Robin said...

LOL, I have a need for flowers and grass (I have neither as of right now) and crop pants and flip flops! I don't do the leg-tanning thing....so everyone will just have to shield their eyes...lol!


Robin :o)

kelli said...

The kiddies are on spring break this week so we're enjoying ourselves immensely! Except for the fact that it is only April 6 and the temp today broke 90*! I don't DO extreme heat! But up until today, it had been wonderful.

Mc Allen said...

omgaw, I have that same affliction!! Ity must be going around!!1 Hey sweet girl, the song on my blog is "Our Hope Endures", Natalie Grant ;) I Need to git me a pedi, then flip flops here I cometh!!! xoxo LA

Unknown said...

Can't say I've got the fever this year. Though I am enjoying looking out the window at blue skies and budding trees.

sanjeet said...

I get the fever for planting and picking flowers and being outdoors.
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