Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Decor Day

Easter Decor Day

I can't wait to snoop through observe everyone's
house to see their Easter goodies.
"Excused Window-Peeking" is just
something I can't resist. 
You can sign up here to display
your Easter wares, or simply join in the
fun of the tour.

"Come on' in.
Go ahead...just push the door on open."

Can you find the Easter Bunny?
He's our Guard Bunny stationed in the Entry Way
guarding the family photos.

Thelma and Louise.They look innocent, but don't let them fool you -
turn your back for a minute and they'll be in your
Garden picking all your pretty flowers.
Just look at the floral loot they "borrowed"
from my garden.

This is our shy "Baby Bunny".
He sleeps most of the time
and is content just to sit in his nest
and wait for Easter to dawn.

A close up of Baby Bunny.
Just look at that face and those floppy ears.

This tiny bunny has been trying to hatch
this big ol' Easter Egg for years.
I can't remember when he joined our family
but as sure as Easter rolls 'round each year
he shows up.
(Egads!  He really needs to do something
about that awful electric outlet)

I love this and wish I had a set of these dishes,
but I don't, so I set this on the corner of the
coffee table so I can enjoy it every day
during the Easter season.

an inexpensive little find from Michael's.

Chef Boudreaux always stands watch
on the kitchen bar and holds
something seasonal.

Chef Boudreaux and I
wish you a very
Blessed Easter!
Thanks for stopping by.


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Happy Easter weekend, sweetie. I loved spying on all your little bunnies. I'm especially smitten with Thelma and Louise...you crack me up girl.

God bless and have a fabulous Friday!!!

xinex said...

Beautiful spring deocr! Happy Easter!...Christine

Kimmy said...

Oh, I love your decor!! :O) I've been bad and haven't decorated but then again, I don't really have much decorations anyways.

BTW....Your home just looks so beautiful!! Love the wallpaper in the first picture!! And your kitchen table looks somewhat similar to ours. You're is much more fancier at the bottom though. LOVE IT!!! Love wrought iron!!

Happy Easter!!!!

Darlene said...

I love all of your Easter goodies. They are so cute! Hope you have a great Easter with your family. Be careful on your trip.♥

Natasha in Oz said...

You have got some very cute little bunnies in your home! I love the way you have placed them all around to bring a touch of Easter to all parts of your home.

Best wishes and Happy Easter,

arkie said...

Cute, cute blog! I enjoyed visiting! Especially liked the computer story!

Carol said...

Enjoy your Easter celebrations!


Mary said...

What great decorations you have! I didn't get mine out this year since we're not home. Happy Easter!

Lady Katherine said...

Love all your bunnies! I just love those dishes too! Wish I had them!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Just stopping by to wish you a wonderfully Blessed Easter. Love your decor and the sweet bunnies.

Lynette said...

To cute - love everything - esp. that little chef!

Thanks for joining in on my first Easter Decor Day and I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter!

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