Friday, March 19, 2010

Choo! Choo!

Choo!  Choo! Chug-a-Chuga!

It is time to plan the Summer vacation
for our family.  I usually have it done
by now, but I really don't know where
to start.  We want to take the train,
beginning in TX and end up in
Chicago.  I've never traveled by
train before. ??? 
If you have I'd love any suggestions,
ideas, or info you could give me
on the subject.  I admit I am very
needy and I promise to thank you
profusely if you can give me direction.

What are your Summer plans?
I always love to hear what you're
doing.  I am nosey that way. 
I have an inquiring mind.


Kelli said...

I took my first train trip a couple of years ago and absolutely LOVED it! The hubs and I drove to Lancaster, PA and hopped on a train bound for NYC. It was great! I would definitely do it again. As far as the part of the country you're planning to travel, I am of no help. But I'm sure if you're taking a train you're gonna enjoy the trip! It's just FUN! :)

MammaDucky said...

We will be taking the train from NOLA to LA for Christmas! Pleaes let us know how your experience goes!!

Mary said...

I've always wanted to ride the train somewhere...anywhere! Can't wait to hear how your adventure turns out! We plan on entertaining family from Denmark, going to DC, and I'm hoping to make it to Tx. for a family reunion!

Unknown said...

I've traveled by train and I loved it. We had a sleeping car on one stretch and that was nice to be able to relax and not worry about other passengers being disturbed. Plus, we bought plenty of snacks of our own since the food is outrageously expensive on the train.

Sounds like a blast!

No summer plans yet. Just taking it as it comes.


Took my first train trip at 12. West Palm Beach, FL to Washington DC. Have been on multiple other ones...and actually love riding the rails. It is fun. This summer...Kat and I are driving to Mackinaw Island, MI...and then swinging by The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH. She graduates with her Ed.S in May and this is her graduation gift from me. Last time I took her to Italy. :-) Figured I'd spread the wealth around. Next summer 2011 Kat, Mary, Jo and I are doing Route 66. We are flying to Chicago, renting a red convertible..and driving to Santa Monica Pier where the mother road ends. Can't wait!

Jenny said...

I've never done a train trip either but it always sounds cool. I keep thinking it would be a great thing to do with our Granddaughters.

I have no idea how I got here...but I saw your blog name somewhere and was intriqued.

The Rambler said...

Um, I've only rode the train here through the pineapple fields. So, I'm afraid my input won't really count :)

BUT have loads of fun on whatever you choose.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

We took a train up to NYC a number of years ago -- loved it! It was the easiest way to get right into the city ever!

We're going to have the biggest vacation we've ever had this Summer -- now I was happy as could be that we get to go back to Florida in May -- but a few weeks ago, my sweet husband took me to lunch and said he wanted to do something really special for my birthday this year.....we're going to Greece! I'm still pinching myself. We applied for passports on Friday. Now I've got to save up to take him to Ireland for his 60th!

Thanks for your sweet visit to my smocked dresses blog! Now I guess my girls have to get thicker hair so we can do big matching bows too.

Unknown said...

We haven't traveled by train since we were in Europe courtesy of Uncle Sam back in the late 70s. So I can't help you there. Since I don't think any burglars read your blog, I'll tell you we're going back to Europe next month! Starting in Switzerland, then on to Germany, and Italy. For two weeks! So excited!

Stephani Cochran said...

I've never been on a train but would love to. I'll be anxious to see how your trip goes. I love your new header picture!

Mary said...

My son traveled by train and loved it. Yes, bring food and drink, and maybe a blanket if you will snooze on the train. My son was so excited that he forgot his duffel bag with all his clothing in it at the train station and had to do without! Don't do that! Also, he said that the people snoozing on the train snored loudly, so bring ear plugs! Get the kind that are made of foam rubber that you flatten with your fingers and insert in your ears, where they expand to block out the noise. A good idea anyway, because the train might be noisy.

Joy Tilton said...

Good to hear fr you today! We got about 8" of snow...will spring ever come? Vacation...what a great thought!

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