Thursday, June 4, 2009


Do not be alarmed as there is time if you act quickly.
I repeat, "Do Not Be Alarmed".
Walk calmly to locate your sunglasses and place them next to your bed. When you awake on Friday reach for them, IMMEDIATELY. Then, run to cover the eyes of your children, your husband, and your pets. A blinding, neon white glare will be cast upon the entirity of the southern states, but you my Bloggy friend are prepared. You can thank me later, as I'm

Oh Yea, Baby!

The glare from my white pastey legs
will be more than most humanoids
can tolerate, so don't say I didn't warn you!!

I'm feelin' like one "Lucky Duck"!
Our friends have invited us to share their 4000 ft. condo
for FREE!!
"Thank you Jesus, the giver of all good things!"

"But will you miss me?"
Not one bit!!

BECAUSE - I have a
Mystery Blogger who will be here
sippin' Sweet Tea and filling my Blog with sweet (ok, semi-sweet) words for your enjoyment. Be sure to stop by and join her!
And don't forget to wear your Sunglasses!!


mbkatc230 said...

Have fun! Got my shades on so I can wave goodbye. Have a great, safe trip and we expect lots of pictures when you get back. Kathy

Jill of All Trades said...

Have fun. That was funny.

Joycee said...

Oh, lucky you! How great to have good friends with condos on the beach...
joy c. at grannymountain

Lauren said...

Wow--you ARE lucky! Have a great time!

Robin said...

Hilarious post! I hope you have a great time!!! Make sure to take you sunscreen!


Robin :o)

Susan said...

What a fun post. Have a great time. Looking forward to messing with your substitute. Sorry I meant meeting your substitute.

ChocDrop said...

Oh a 'FREE' vacation, sorta. Awesome. You are lucky that I left my house before dawn so I was not able to catch that ray of leg light...lol

Namine said...

HAVE FUNN!!! SUper lucky! send some sunshine this way

xinex said...

Have a good time! You are so funny!...Christine


Have fun girl. I can't wait to read the mystery blogger....you will be missed....and you have a surprise on the way to you....I finally got around to mailing you something. See you when you return.

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