Thursday, May 28, 2009

Amazing Mother

See ya later. We're loading up the car and heading
to Tulsa to celebrate my Mom's 80th Birthday!
God bless her, she mowed her front and back yard
yesterday and is trimming trees today.
I dare you to try to keep up with her.
She is one AMAZINGLY young 80 year old!

I've been birthday shopping for her 3 days.
Not only is she amazingly strong and vigorous,
she's amazingly particular.

Definitely can't buy her-
"You think her house smells?"

Perfume/Lotion/Shower Gel.
"You think SHE smells?"

Chotzsky for the house.
"They are dust grabbers."

She has too many to take care of already.

I've overdone this one.

Gift Cards.
She doesn't have time to shop & can't find what she likes anyway.

CAN BUY - CLOTHES, providing
they are PINK


or Lavender.
Must be pastel shades.
Must be long sleeved (she think her arms are ugly.
Must be high necked (she thinks her neck is ugly.
"Still looking. . ."
I have bought the partyware and will buy
the ice cream when I get to town.
My sister has ordered the cake.
It's gonna be a FANTASTIC time of celebration,
even if I don't figure out the perfect gift.

I'll have photos to post on Monday!!


B said...

I hope everyone has fun! She sounds like a wild card that one. Ugly arms and neck? That's funny.

Gladys said...

Tell your mommeranddem I said hello an give her a big old hug from Gladys.

Jill of All Trades said...

Have fun and Happy Birthday to your Momma.

Beverly said...

Maybe you could start her on blogging..Sounds like she's got a lot to offer us young whippersnappers. Have a safe trip!

Robin said...

Be Safe and I hope you all (especially Mama) have a fantastic time!

Happy Birthday!!


Robin :o)

Namine said...

Have a fabulous birthday! That's such a great day to celebrate!

Get her a spa day for her with you and your sister or something fun you can do all together

Grandma K said...

I didn't know you had this site, Deb. It's great.

Give you mom a birthday hug from me and let her know she has one more admirer for getting that lawn mowed and the trees trimmed.

Tell her Mrs. President says it's ok to sho off your arms and Brittany Spears says it's ok to show off you neck as long as you stop at the navel.

Have a grand time, Deb and Deb's mom.

Kimmy said...

Awww...Happy Birthday to your mom!!!

Have a great trip & drive safe!!

momof3girls said...

well atleast you did not buy her recalled chocolate *ha! (see previous post!) - I hope that I will wear what I want when I am 80 - because if you aren't wearing what you want then, when will you?

mbkatc230 said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! She sounds like alot of fun. The sleeve and neck thing cracks me up. And after reading your post about the recalled chocolate, I can see why you don't buy her candy lol. Good luck finding a gift, but I'm sure the visit will be the PERFECT gift in her mind. Have a fun and safe trip. Kathy

Danielle said...

Give your mom my best wishes for birthday.

Love this blog site. You did a great job.


Susan said...

Oh how much fun that will be. I miss having oldsters around they are so dang funny. Try to remember all the funny things she says. The sleeve thing sounds just like me. I got that from my mom. Please give her a hug from all of us. Take care, Susan

Amy said...

Have a safe and fabulous trip!!


Have a blast. My mom's 80th birthday is July 9th and I am hosting a big shindig. You will have to tell us how yours turns out. My mom also wears only pastels...long sleeved and high necked. Give her some bloggy love from your blogging buddies.

Debbie said...

When you are 80, you get to be picky about gifts!

xinex said...

Your mom sounds amazing. Happy birthday to her! Have a nice and safe trip!!...Christine

Joyful said...

Happy Birthday to Mom! Glad to know I'm not the only one who has trouble shopping for parents, but a little said realizing it's never going to get easier. Safe travels!

disa said...

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