Monday, March 30, 2009

Danger - man with a vacuum.

Please tell me - "What is it about a man with a vacuum?"

I'm married to the nicest guy in the world.
We were in a hurry, expecting company and he volunteered to vacuum. Long story made short -
He vacuumed up the little white ball "thingy" that covers the bolt which anchors the toilet to the floor!!!

How does one do that???

It made a loud noise and the vacuum would no longer work.
He tried in vain to fix it. *sigh

The first day he was back at work I performed a colonoscopy on the vacuum hose with a broom stick, and wah-lah, out came the "thingy" and the vacuum now purrs like it used to.

If my guy ever helps again I will assign him the dust cloth.


mama's smitten said...

Glad the surgery was successful!

Unknown said...

I think they do things like this on purpose. They volunteer--we're all "oh, he's so sweet!"--they screw up royally--we never ask them to help again. And we don't accept their offers. My husband got out of mowing the yard for years by "accidentally" running over flowers and small trees! They're not as dumb as they look!

momof3girls said...

can you come by my house and perform surgery on my vacum next!

B said...

I bet just before he sweetly volunteered he went and loosened said white thingy and practiced his cuss words so it looked lagit. Gets him off the hook in the future right? Can't wait to hear what he does dusting next time around. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ok, but don't let him dust your valuables.

Lana@The Kids Did WHAT?! said...

Sounds like something my son would do. Wait. They don't grow out of it? HALPPP!!!!!

....hang on... your hubby was vaccuming in the bathroom??

Katherine Roberts Aucoin said...

Love the new look of your blog!

Let him mop next time ;-)

I think they do these things so you won't ask them to "help" anymore.

DeeBee said...

I have a house full of boys and I'm nervous everytime one of them gets a wild hair and decides to vacuum their room. I don't want to stop them but I don't want to do it either.


I don't trust Frank with the vacuum cleaner either...he gets to sweep...he gets to mop....period. Glad you are liking "our" trip. So far it is all from memory...although I did write a journal too. I have not relied on it while doing the pictures. The food was tough in London....I don't do their kind of fish...I am a southern fish eating kind of girl....and Indian food and my ulcer are not friends.

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