Friday, January 23, 2009

Princess pleads for piercing


Princess is pleading with us to let her get her belly button pierced.
She's 14.
It's not gonna happen.
Wah! Wah! Wah!

(I'm getting faint just thinking about it.
Case closed.)


Anonymous said...

Don't do it!!!!! I did it. Mind you I was 21 but now it's just an ugly old scare :(. Have a good day! By the way who is that in the pic?

Doré said...

Hi, i'm a fellow Louisiana lady and found you thru BSU. I was crazy and got my tongue pierced on my 19th birthday... that lasted about 2 months until my mom said she wouldn't speak to me until I removed it. Good times, lol

I never did do the navel though. Good luck on standing your ground!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I got mine done at 18...one of those 'rebellion' things....lol!

Ashlee said...

I wanted one when I was about your daughter's age and I got mine done at 18. My mother completly objected, but I loved it. She was so mad that she didn't speak to me for two weeks and avoided me at every opportunity. Before she knew it, she was helping me pick out new rings!

For the record, I still have mine.

Kimmy said...

I'm right there with you MOM! I wouldn't let my daughter either...especially at 14!

Nonnie said...

I know this is three years behind, but I just came across it. My, how times have changed! My parents would not allow me to have my ears pierced.

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