Friday, December 5, 2008

Poor Kramer

Poor guy turned 14 yrs old last week and has been sick ever since. We had to Board him for a few days while we traveled and he has not been well since. *sigh

Took him to the Vet today.
He has pancreatitis.
He got a shot (poor baby!). . .
and some IV meds (really, poor baby!),
as well as some special food and oral med's.

I'm praying he's well soon.
He's sorta pitiful in his Santa hat, isn't he?

Poor, pitiful, sweet, Kramer.


SusanD said...

Hey Gal, So sorry your Kramer is ill. From the sounds of it, he's been a valued family member for many years. 14 y/o is a long life for a dog. I hope he feels better soon.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Anonymous said...

You're right about Kramer, Susan, he is a part of the family. I just love him so and now that he's old it stresses me anytime he's sick. The good news is "HE'S MUCH BETTER TODAY"!!

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