Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I received an email last week from one of JB's co-workers. She knew JB had a BIG birthday coming and they wanted to get together at a restaurant to celebrate the occasion. Fast forward to tonight at the restaurant. There were THIRTY people there!! I was totally blown away. Couldn't believe that many people would gather after work for this event.

JB has always been an out-going sort of guy. He's not the least bit shy and he enjoys a fun evening, but he seemed to have left this part of his persona in Okla. He's never really liked it here in Louisiana and hasn't particurly gone out of his way to make any friends, or so I thought!! WRONG!!

I told him if he could make 30 friends at work then he could surely make 2 or 3 at church.
He's busted!


SusanD said...

Hey lagirl, Thanks so much for your encouragement to my blogging and I'm honored that you're following my updates. Stop by anytime to say "hi."

I like the story on JB being busted. Very funny.

Blessings, Susan

Anonymous said...

So glad you stopped by my Blog, Susan. I've been feelin' like I'm all alone in cyberland. . .I guess that's because I HAVE been all alone in cyberland. Please list yourself as a "Follower" on my Blog. I would so appreciate it!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Geez, I'm trying to figure out how this all works. It's me, lagirl, not anonymous! LOL

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