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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Plan B

Lil' Mama had the opportunity to fly to Maine where her fiance lives.  His entire family lives in a small community, they even all attend the same church. She leaves Maine early in the morning and should arrive back home by 4pm, if everything is on time.  Can't wait to talk to her and hear all about her trip and the soon-to-be-in-laws.

In the meantime I've been wranglin' Haylee Kate while her Mama's been away.
Things have gone smoothly here, except for the day we had planned to take Great Grandmother "GG" to the beauty shop to get her hair done.  I dressed  HK in a cute little summer outfit, with white sandal's, then combed her blonde curls and placed a pretty bow in her hair. We were ready to see and visit with the salon gals.. . .BUT on the drive there Haylee Kate took both her shoes off, yanked her bow out of her hair, and POOPED her pants!

Now it was time for Plan B. 
We didn't even walk GG into the salon, but instead sat in the car watching her closely as she went into the beauty shop.  Then we made a quick short drive to Sonic and brought out food back with us so we could eat in the car which we parked outside of the Salon. This  plan allowed for us to sit in the car and share a corndog and fries.  HK thought this was great fun!

This is Lil' MaMa's handsome AF Fiance', Izaiha.
Cute little couple, huh?


Cheri said...

How nice that your daughter was able to get away for a bit and looks as though you were a busy/good grandma/daughter to HK and GG. When is the wedding?

Simply Linda said...

Thanks for the smiles..your granddaughter is just too cute. Blessings

Jeanie said...

Haylee Kate looks very happy with the whole situation.

Linda said...

I am so happy for your daughter!!!

Mary said...

Ha, ha! What a little stinker!!!
And, what a sweet little couple. So glad she's finding happiness!

yaya said...

Yep, whether you're a parent or a Grandparent it's always good to have a Plan B! Looks like you had it all covered! (Plus GG got her hair done!) Your daughter and fiancé are a very cute couple! Will they live in Maine? That will be a change!

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